We offer online title loans, and most borrowers can qualify with a paid off vehicle!


Are you looking for more information about car title loans and how they work in Sumter? Premier Title loans can get you pre-approved in minutes and we'll finda local lender near you that offers cash funding that same day. Loan amounts up to $25,000 and bad credit is no problem!

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    How Do Car Title Loans Work In Sumter, SC

    Car title loans are an increasingly popular way to get fast cash in Sumter, SC. With a car title loan, you can use your vehicle’s equity as collateral for the loan and get money quickly without facing lengthy approval processes.

    The car needs to be completely paid off! No liens are allowed, and you must possess the car’s title. Other less common requirements include proof that the vehicle has full insurance coverage, proof of valid registration in South Carolina, and you may need to provide a few references from friends and employers.

    Once approved for a loan, you must take the vehicle for a brief inspection to verify the condition, mileage, and make and model. This inspection will often last 30 minutes or less and you can get your cash after the lender approves the funding amount!


    Loan Amounts & Interest Rates For Title Loans In Sumter, SC

    Each lender has different rates and terms for title loans in Sumter. Premier Title Loans works with local companies that offer $500 – $25,000 in same day funding. Interest rates are between 35% and 130% and you can often repay the loan at anytime with no pre-payment penalties.

    Are you looking to refinance an existing loan to a more manageable monthly payment or rate? Premier Title Loans can help you there as well! We work with equity lenders in Sumter County that can offer to refinance options to qualifying borrowers. Applying for a refinance or loan buyout only takes a few minutes. Upon approval, you can significantly reduce the APR on your loan and get a more manageable monthly payment that better fits your budget.


    Credit Implications Of A Title Loan In Sumter, South Carolina

    Do you currently have bad credit or not much of a credit history? You’ll likely have trouble getting approved for a personal loan or cash advance from your local bank or credit union in Sumter, as most will do extensive credit checks. The good news is that you don’t need good credit to get a car title loan. Your car’s equity is far more critical when underwriting a loan application and the odds of approval are good if you have a lien free vehicle with collateral.

    If you’re considering taking out a car title loan in Sumter, South Carolina contact Premier Title Loans for more information on credit requirements and get assistance today! Our representatives will work with you to explain all terms and conditions associated with these types of loans so that you understand what happens when we process your application and what to expect when your loan is underwritten!


    Apply Completely Online Or With A Local Lender Near Me In Sumter, SC

    Are you interested in applying with Premier Title Loans, or would you prefer to meet directly with a lender in Sumter, SC? You can expect same day approval with each option and quick underwriting when you start online.

    Alternatively, if you’d rather speak with someone directly or have questions about the loan process, you can find local lenders near me in Sumter who can help. Premier Title Loans maintains partnerships with several reputable title loan providers in the area, and we are happy to connect you with one for further information. We recently partnered with a few direct lenders in Millwood who allow you to apply online and complete the paperwork and inspection in person at their locations. Call us at 800-250-6279 Monday thru Saturday and our friendly staff will help get the ball rolling!


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