I need a loan, but can't find the paperwork.

I Can’t Find My Car Title, Can I Still Get A Title Loan?


You’re headed to the DMV, as you’re trying to sell your car, considering a car title loan, or simply checking your documents to ensure you are your vehicle’s only clear owner. Then, you realize that you can’t find your car title or “pink slip”!  This is not ideal if you need cash fast or the pink slip to finish a transaction with the DMV. What are the consequences of losing the title, and what can you do to replace it?


I Want A Title Loan But Can’t Find The Car Title

It’s not every day that you’ll need your car’s title, but there are times when you need your car’s title documents to prove your vehicle ownership. For instance, having a car title means that you can rely on your car to get a quick online title loan should that ever be necessary. You can’t get a title loan without a car title and might also run into trouble at the DMV.


How to Find My Car Title?

Of course, the most convenient solution when you can’t locate your car title is to find it. It’s worth checking your files and looking for where it might have ended up. If nothing else, doing a thorough search of your home could save you the modest fees that come with reporting a replacement.

Another option is to navigate to the DMV website for your state and see if they provide an online title service where you can view and access your original title documents to get accurate information regarding current liens and loans. When you truly can’t find it, you should apply with the local DMV for a replacement car title sooner rather than later.


Contact the DMV to replace your missing docs.


I Want To Replace My Car’s Title

Thankfully, replacing your car title is relatively easy in states like California. You must report to your local DMV that your title has gotten lost. People lose their vehicle documents all the time, and the DMV makes it easy to get replacement docs that same day.


Apply for a replacement car title online and you should expect everything mailed out to you within 7-10 days. You can also go to your neighborhood DMV, but that’s not always an option if you can’t get an appointment. The main reason you’d request a replacement car title in person is to ask them to expedite the process if you’re trying to get a same day auto equity loan. While they’ll charge you a relatively modest fee in exchange for prioritizing your new car title, you may have the title in hand in as little as a day.


Can I Get a Title Loan Without Title In Hand

It’s unlikely that there’s any lender who will offer a title loan if they can’t put up the title as collateral. Even when you can secure a title loan, it shouldn’t mean the vehicle will be held as collateral. You continue to have free use of the vehicle for the duration of the loan, and that car title is their only collateral. If your title has gone missing, you need to replace it as soon as possible before applying for a title loan. There are rare exceptions when you apply for a title loan on an older or classic vehicle.

Unlike title loans, you don’t need to give up the car’s title or “pink slip” as collateral for registration loans, and most borrowers can quickly qualify. These loans don’t require your car’s pink slip, and you can often get approved with minimal documentation. This is an excellent option for someone who can’t find their title as the underwriting is quick, but the funding amounts are a bit smaller, with average loans of around $500 to $1,500.


Car Title Loans With Premier After Your Replace Or Find Your Title

Once you find or replace your missing car title, you’re ready to choose a lender and get cash for whatever emergency expense you’re dealing with. Premier Title Loans has served Southern California for years, and we’re always happy to help people get the cash they need assuming they have the title in hand.


It will be hard to qualify for a title loan if you lost or misplaced your vehicle title.