Online Title Loans With No Store Visit Or Inspection Requirement

Most applicants who apply with Premier Title Loans think they will have to deal with a lengthy vehicle inspection or required store visit. The good news these days is that some companies will not require a vehicle inspection or even a store visit if you can show other requirements that ensure successful underwriting. By showing anything other than a steady payment history for the 9-month loan period, you can be positive that the vast majority will not require you to have an inspection or title check to get the loan approved. Most online title loan companies will lend to those with less than perfect credit or even those that do not have a clear title. In these cases, there may be an inspection requirement to verify there’s enough equity in the vehicle. Let’s examine the scenarios where you get a title loan with no inspection and how this type of loan works.


How Does A No Inspection Title Loan Work

Whether or not the loan was secured through an online title loan company, the online loan payments can be deducted from the bank account that the borrower has the cash in on the due date. The monthly payments are typically paid until the predetermined pay-off date. If you have a spotless credit rating and need money quickly, you will have no issue getting a personal loan whenever the need arises. However, an unsecured loan is often impossible for someone who can’t pass a standard credit check. Most no inspection title loan lenders will need to verify the car in some way or another. It’s up to you to ensure they follow all applicable inspection laws and requirements if it’s not done in person.


What’s Required to Get an Online Title Loan With No Store Visit

When it comes to online title loans, applicants who are approved right away will often have no problem passing a credit check or verifying income. You should be able to get a title loan without a store visit if you can prove the ability to pay back your loan each month. You’ll also need proof that your vehicle is insured, and there’s no real chance the lender couldn’t get full value for the car if they were put in a situation where the vehicle needed to be sold. Getting a title loan without proof of income or a store visit is typically important for someone that doesn’t want to deal with an inspection. But often, it will be an issue if you don’t want to bring the vehicle to the store to get inspected.


Title loans don't always require the car or an in person inspection to get approved!

Why Do Lenders Offer No Inspection Online Car Title Loans


Several title lending institutions online do not require an inspection to get you approved as long as you can provide proof that you are employed and a verifiable address. This is an easy way to get a small loan quickly when a real emergency arises, and it is easier than you may think to get into a situation like this.

This no inspection title loan is great for self-employed people and people who live on benefits like disability and unemployment. The reason is that you can still get approved with low income and proof of employment if you can prove the vehicle exists and has sufficient value. Another plus for lenders is that these secured loans have high interest rates and APRs that can increase if you fall behind on payments. Yes, there’s a real risk to them if you stop making monthly payments, but they’re making a significant amount of money each month when you make your payment.


Loan Amounts For Title Loans That Don’t Require The Car

As long as you and the lender are “on the same page” regarding the vehicle’s value derived from the inspection process, you should get nearly as much cash as expected with a typical car title loan. In some states, these loan amounts can reach $15,000, and on the low end you’re looking at borrowing at least a few hundred dollars. However, it’s worth repeating the APR for any collateral loan that doesn’t require the car will be high, as the underwriter is taking on even more risk by not viewing the vehicle in person. That’s why you should try to take the extra step and bring your car in for a quick inspection. It only takes a few minutes to get your car checked out, and you will likely have a more favorable interest rate and payment term.


A Vehicle Inspection May Be Inevitable For An Online Title Loan With No Store Visit

Even though a handful of online title loan companies don’t require a vehicle inspection or a credit check, there will still be times when a lender requires a store visit to ensure the vehicle is “as described.” This happens when a title lender wants to be sure the vehicle exists and knows who’s getting the money. Sometimes an underwriter will allow you to submit pictures of the vehicle as proof that it exists and is worth what you say it’s worth. But they can only go on so much when looking at pictures or going by DMV records, and that doesn’t even consider official inspections for emissions or safety purposes. The bottom line is that some companies simply don’t feel comfortable without visually seeing the vehicle in person.

Another beneficial factor of an inspection is when an inspector or underwriter can assess any after-market additions to your car that could potentially increase the value of an initial loan or even a title loan refinance. They will also want to look at the maintenance records and simply look under the hood to see the car’s current condition and how it’s been driven. A lender will always want to verify the vehicle’s value, and the best chance for them to do this is in person.   No inspection title loans are possible in some situations, but you should expect less money for your title loan if everything is done completely online or over the phone.


No inspection title loans are ideal for someone that needs a low amount of cash.

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