Montana is one of the largest states in the country, but it’s also one of the least populated states. That can be great for anyone looking for solitude or peace of mind. But what about if you ever need a loan to pay emergency expenses? We all know a cash crunch can come out of nowhere, and it’s even harder to find a lender in Montana, where everything is so spread out.

So what are you to do if you need a finance lender, but don’t know how to apply? First, compare the different financing options that are available to you. These range from payday loans to bank installment loans, but many are unsecured and require excellent credit. Have you ever considered using a car or truck for collateral loans on vehicles? This is called a car title loan, and these secured loans have become rather popular in Montana over the past decade. You can often borrow a large amount of cash, and it’s unlikely a lender will check your credit score!


How Do Title Loans Work In Montana And What Are The Requirements

To apply for auto title loans in Montana, your vehicle must be wholly owned by you and have a clear title. Having that paid off pink slip is the main requirement, and you won’t get very far without it! The car or truck must also have a value of at least $3,000 to qualify for the loan. The amount you can borrow depends on the value and condition of your vehicle, as determined by the lender’s appraisal process. Most lenders in Montana fund loans up to $10,000, but some may offer more depending on your car’s worth. We’ve found that customers in Billings and Missoula have the best chance of getting a higher loan amount simply because there’s more competition among the different lenders.

The other requirements will vary, but you’ll likely need to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license. You also need to provide proof of steady income and residence in Montana. The vehicle’s pink slip must be in your name with no liens against it. In addition, some online title loan companies may ask for additional documents such as insurance information and references.

Regarding the title loan terms, interest rates can vary from lender to lender but will typically start at around 25% and go higher from there. It’s important to note that Montana has no laws limiting the amount of interest for equity loans, so it’s crucial to shop around and compare rates before committing to a lender. Remember that these high-interest loans should only be used for emergency financial needs and not as a long term solution. Negotiate a payment term that works for you before signing any forms or documents. Lastly, stay in touch with the loan underwriter throughout the processing stages to see if they can lower the APR for your vehicle title loan.


Montana Title Loans – What About A Bad Credit Score

The great thing about car title loans in Montana is that your credit score often doesn’t matter. And if it does come up, it will likely only be relevant because of a past bankruptcy or other serious financial issues. You probably won’t be outright denied a loan in that case Instead, the underwriter may lower the lending limit or you may need to add more equity. Your vehicle’s value and ability to repay the loan are usually the main factors that companies offering Montana title loans consider. However, if you have defaulted on previous loans, this may be considered when determining the interest rate.

So there you have it – applying for a loan in Montana isn’t too complicated for someone with bad credit, as long as you meet the main requirements and can negotiate a fair payoff term. Don’t let your financial emergency stress you out – consider using your car’s equity to get the cash you need. Just make sure to do your research and only borrow from reputable lenders licensed in the state!


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What Types Of Cars And Trucks Can Qualify For A Montana Title Loan

Many people don’t apply for a collateral loan because they’re under the impression that their vehicle needs to be worth more or that it’s too old or has too many miles. Did you know that an older model vehicle or one with high mileage can still qualify for an online title loan in Montana?

In fact, almost any type of car or truck can qualify as long as it has value. This includes sedans, SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and boats (as long as they have a clear title under your name). And you can always apply to refinance a car title loan that you have with another company!

So don’t count yourself out before applying – you may be able to get the cash that you need from the equity in your vehicle! Just make sure to thoroughly assess its condition and value before accepting the loan terms offered by the lender. And remember only to borrow what you can afford to pay back! Equity loans are great for someone in Bozeman that needs cash in a pinch, but once you get your money that lender will have possession of the pink slip. Any missed payments can lead to a default, and the clock starts ticking for a repossession!


How To Apply Online For Montana Title Loans

The best thing about applying for an auto title loan in Montana is that you can complete almost everything without meeting with someone in person. You need to provide your vehicle information, proof of residence and income, and the vehicle title with no liens against it. You may have to go through a standard vehicle inspection to verify that the car is in proper working order. But that can be done at a licensed location in MT or at your home or place of business.


To start your application with Premier Title Loans:

1. Gather all of the necessary documents listed above and have them ready to upload or email to the lender.

2. Search for Montana title loan companies online and compare their rates, terms, and reputation among customers.

3. Once you’ve found a reputable lender that fits your needs, please fill out their online form with all of your information and submit any required documents.

If you’re looking to save some time, you can always apply online with Premier Title Loans. We work with companies all over the state and we know what they need to get your loan approved and funded within 24 hours!


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