Our Mission Statement

Premier Title Loans aims to make credit accessible and affordable by providing multiple secured lending options. We strive to offer a convenient online platform that allows access to funds from a local lender with the best terms available. We are committed to offering our customers personalized title loan offers tailored to their needs. We believe that everyone deserves flexible payment options while ensuring responsible lending practices. We aim to empower everyone by making borrowing easier, faster, and more transparent than ever.


Our Value Statement

The following values guide the work of our employees and associates:

INTEGRITY– We will do what’s best for our customers and present multiple lending options. We will be forthright and upfront about the benefits and drawbacks of secured loans.

COMPASSIONATE – We know getting help with financial issues is not always easy. We will show compassion and help anyone to reach their financial goals.

QUALITY – We strive for 100% excellence when dealing with customers and continuously improve our lending applications and online services.

DEDICATION – Premier Title Loans is dedicated to helping our customers and clients better understand the process of applying for a title loan from start to finish.

Reliability – We are here for anyone seeking information about title loan lending products and services. We will meet your expectations and be reliable and always accessible.


Our Vision Statement

The vision of Premier Title Loans is to provide top-notch loan services to customers in qualified states. While we won’t fund your loan, we want to be a trustworthy source for our customers and lending partners and provide mutual support when you’re looking for the best financing offers. The bottom line is that we want to be the top choice for anyone looking to learn more about how a title loan can be an option for them.

Our Company History



Premier Title Loans is founded with the sole mission of offering title loan lending services to customers across the United States.


The corporate headquarters consolidated its support staff and moved to its current location in Fountain Valley, CA.


Reconfigured our underwriting process to accept applications online, in person, and over the phone, with same funding options available from our network of direct lenders.


Integrated our customer service team to offer comprehensive phone support seven days a week.


As of 2023, our title loan lender network has grown to include coverage in 30 states, with more offers on the way!