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Are you looking for information on how online title loans work in IL and how much cash you can borrow? Premier Title Loans works with companies that offer secured lending options in Illinois and we can get you approved in one business day!

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    Do you live in Illinois and face a situation where you need fast cash for unexpected expenses? Premier Title Loans makes it easy to get approved for online title loans when you need them most! All you need is a vehicle title for a paid off car to get guaranteed approval from a title loan company. Start by filling out our easy online application; you can get pre-qualified in minutes. Most qualified borrowers can receive cash within one business day!


    How To Get Approved For Online Title Loans in Illinois?

    Thanks to recent technological advancements, getting an online title loan has never been easier. Now, all it takes are basic details of your auto title, proof of income, and ID to qualify for an installment loan with us! We make receiving money easy by accepting free applications online whenever convenient. Once you submit your information, we can start underwriting your loan application and finalizing the loan submission.

    We can also help you if you need to track down missing documents or identifying paperwork. Anyone in the greater Chicago area can apply for a car title loan online and follow up in person at any handful of locations throughout the city. You can get started on the paperwork and contact the Illinois Secretary of State Motor Vehicle’s Division to track down a missing car title or get an updated ID. They have multiple offices to serve you in Chicago, with their main location being in Central Chicago. Whatever method you choose, rest assured we will process your title loan application quickly and contact you to finish up the loan underwriting.


    What’s Required For A Title Loan In Illinois

    Besides having a paid off vehicle title and current ID, you will need a steady income source with verifiable employment records. Most applicants can prove their income with a W2 from a previous job or business and the previous month’s bank statements. An onsite representative in Illinois usually takes an hour to walk you through the application process and determine the final loan amount.

    In some cases, you may also need proof of current insurance and of course, any licensed title loan company in Illinois will want to inspect the vehicle. This can be done at any Chicago walk-in location or Quincy or Aurora, IL offices. In some situations, you can have a certified vehicle inspector come out to your place of employment or residence to finalize the inspection.


    Can I Get A Title Loan in Chicago, Illinois, If I Have Bad Credit

    Of course! Many of our customers are looking for bad credit title loans and still have no problems qualifying for a secured loan in Chicago, IL. We provide low rates and require very few to apply online and in person. If you have multiple repossessions, charged off accounts, or ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, that could be an issue. But you always have the choice to get approved quickly with just a co-signer if your credit is poor, or you can settle for a lower loan amount.


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    Should I Apply For A Title Loan Online In Illinois Or With A Local Lender Near Me

    Whichever method you choose, you really can’t go wrong. When borrowers apply online, they can move at their own pace and still get a fast loan. In most cases, you will be able to see your approval status within one hour so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want the cash. Checking the price and terms with a title lender near you in Illinois can take much longer, so our online application may be the best way to go! On the other hand, some people prefer to meet with a lender in person and the good news is that you have so many options in Illinois. Of course, the City of Chicago has dozens of pawn shops and local title lender services where you can walk in and apply. Naperville and Joliet also have physical lending offices that take in person applications.


    When Do I Have To Repay A Title Loan In Illinois

    When it comes down to repayment, many customers are pleasantly surprised at how long they have before making their first payment. You would expect that, like a payday loan or cash advance, an auto title loan in Chicago, IL, will require full repayment immediately, but that’s not true. Most borrowers can give themselves up to 60 days before sending in their first payment, usually due within ten business days of getting approved for a vehicle title loan.

    Even though you have enough time to repay your title loan, that doesn’t mean you should wait that long. If you have the extra cash, you should not make early payments or even pay off the full amount. By doing this, you can avoid high interest charges that accumulate daily from vehicle title loans in Illinois!


    Tell Me, How Can I Apply Today For An Illinois Title Loan?

    It’s fast and easy to apply online with Premier Title Loans, and applicants in Chicago, IL can get a pre-approval today. If you prefer to speak with someone before applying, we would be more than happy to answer any questions, and you can call us during regular business hours at 1-800-250-6279.

    You can also start by filling out an online title loan application and getting pre-approval in minutes. Most qualified borrowers can get cash from a title loan provider in Illinois within one business day!


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