Premier Title Loans make getting cash easy and we now offer same day title loans in Nevada. Most borrowers in Las Vegas can qualify and get their cash in as little as one business day. All you need is a vehicle to act as collateral for your loan. Apply online, over the phone, or in person at a location in Las Vegas and you can borrow up to $20,000 with a title loan in Nevada.


How To Get Nevada Title Loans – What Required

Let’s first start with your vehicle as that’s the main requirement when it comes to title loans in Nevada. If you have a car, truck, or motorcycle you should be eligible for a loan. For example, the standard requirement is that your vehicle must be less than 10 years old and have less than 100,000 miles on it. Next, you need to prove ownership of the vehicle. This can be done with the actual vehicle title for the motor vehicle and you can get an updated copy at any DMV location throughout Las Vegas. The vehicle’s pink slip will prove you’re the only owner and there are no other lienholders or people who can claim ownership of your car.

The next part of the process depends on how fast someone wants to get cash from their title loans in Nevada. Do you want to apply online and get everything done upfront? Or would you prefer to meet with a local title loan company in Las Vegas or Reno that will take your application in person and get your paperwork together? Both of these options can lead to quick funding but by applying directly online you can skip most of the paperwork and look for a pre-approval in less than an hour.

With either option, you will still need a vehicle inspection and this is often completed at any office or inspection location in the State of Nevada. During a typical inspection, a lender will check your vehicle and make sure it’s worth the stated value and has no damage or other issues that can lower the resale value. Once you wrap up the inspection you sign off on the documents and are officially approved for a title loan. Some companies will then send the cash straight to your bank or checking account and you may also be able to get the cash in person from any of the larger title loan companies in Nevada.


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Can I Apply For A Title Loan In Las Vegas Nevada If I Have Bad Credit

You can still get cash from a title loan if you have bad credit and believe it or not most everyone who applies for this type of loan has the same type of poor credit score! That’s because there are almost always more people with bad credit mortgages and personal loans than there are people with top credit scores. And while some title loans may require a co-signer the vast majority of them do not! So anyone who applies for a Nevada title loan can get cash today without any additional requirements or steps to take even if they do have bad credit.

Lenders fully expect that most applicants for title loans will have bad credit and that’s often the main reason why your interest rate is so high with a secured loan. If you could get a low interest personal loan then definitely go with that, but these title loans are often viewed as a last choice emergency when you need cash fast. Expect a title loan company in Las Vegas to at least look at your recent credit history, but it probably won’t lead to an upfront loan denial if you have a few marks on your credit score.


What Types Of Vehicles Qualify For Title Loans In Las Vegas NV

The main type of vehicle you can use as collateral when applying for a title loan in Nevada is your car or truck. However, we do offer details on what types of vehicles don’t qualify so it’s important to read on before you apply directly at any number of locations in Reno or Las Vegas.

Common reasons that some vehicles don’t qualify include having an older model car with high mileage or other types of damage. This means that if your car is more than 10 years old you may not qualify for the loan amount you are trying to get because this type of loan is generally reserved for newer model vehicles that are less than 10 years old. You can still apply using an older car or one with high miles, but the loan offer will probably be for an amount of $2,000 or less.

If your title loan company is asking about any salvage or junk vehicles then they already know that something else is going on with your request and probably suspect there may be other problems at play. Some secured lenders in Las Vegas Nevada offer loans for rebuilt and salvage titles, but you can expect to receive a far smaller loan amount than if you apply for a typical title loan with a newer vehicle.


What Else To Know About Car Title Loans In Nevada

At this point, we’ve touched on the basics of title loans and how they can be helpful, but there are some other things to consider when deciding your best lending option. Did you know the interest rates on Nevada title loans can be really high and some people have real problems making all their payments? That’s why you want to borrow the least amount of money that you need and make early and extra payments upfront to avoid defaulting on your loan.

Another thing to consider is what happens if you miss multiple payments or outright default on your title loan. In this scenario, you can actually face a title loan vehicle repossession and that means your lender will come and take your car and potentially sell it at auction if you can’t get back to current on the payments. All this really means is that you have to budget correctly and plan on how much money you can afford to pay back each month.

Title loans companies in Nevada are required by law to give borrowers an appropriate grace period to repay their loan, but that doesn’t mean you should borrow more than you need! Just be careful about unexpectedly getting caught short on cash because you need to make your title loan payments on time and contact your lender if there’s any risk of default. The majority of licensed finance companies in Nevada will work with you to avoid a default and try to get you back on a repayment plan.


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