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Premier Title Loans offers guarantee approval title loans in Arizona for ayone with a paid off vehicle and proof of income. You don't need to worry about a traitional credit check as these loans are determined by your vehicle's equity! Loan amounts up to $15,000 in AZ.

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    Qualify For Online Car Title Loans In AZ

    You may consider a car title loan if you live in Arizona and need quick cash. These loan offers are a form of short-term lending that allows borrowers to use their vehicle title as collateral for the amount borrowed. Auto title loans are easy to qualify for if you have a lien free car title, and most people can access up to $20,000 in AZ. This can be a great option if you need money urgently, but it’s important to understand the requirements and benefits before you apply.


    Listed Below Are The Main Requirements For Title Loans Online In AZ

    – Be a resident of Arizona. Some larger companies in Phoenix may allow applicants from other states, Get an auto title loan offer in Phoenix, AZ.but you must live in Arizona with a car titled here.

    – Be at least 18 with a valid id or driver’s license.

    – Have a lien free car title that shows you as the current owner. Most lenders will require you to sign over the pink slip into their name, as that’s what’s used as collateral for title loans in AZ.

    – Have a steady income. This is probably the second most crucial requirement behind a paid off car title. Your income and employment history will show a lender that you have sufficient means to make future loan payments.

    – Have a checking account. A checking account or savings account is often required, as any title loan lender in Arizona will want to be able to send you the loan funds. They will also need an account to withdraw the monthly payment.

    The application process is simple and can be done online. You must provide basic information, including your name, address, contact information, and vehicle information. The lender may run an intro credit check to ensure your loan eligibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for registration loans in Flagstaff or title loans in Tucson. The time it takes to get a title loan depends on how quickly you can get the required documents in order and submitted. Many of the large lenders in AZ can get things swiftly processed as long as you get them the necessary qualifying information.


    Online Title Loans In Arizona With Bad Credit

    One of the advantages of a title loan is that they are available to people with bad credit. This can be a great option if you need money urgently but have been unable to get a traditional loan from a bank. Finance companies that offer secured loans in AZ know that you likely don’t have a great credit score and most will use the credit check to verify your identity and nothing more.

    There may be issues, however, if you’re currently bankrupt or in the process of declaring bankruptcy. Most title loan lenders will not work with you in these cases as they consider it too high of a risk. Other concerns with bad credit title loans can involve a situation where you default with another online title loan lender in Arizona. You would not qualify because that lender has your car title.


    How Much Can I Borrow With A Title Loan In AZ?

    The amount you can borrow will depend on the value of your vehicle. AZ lenders typically offer registration and online title loans for between 40% and 60% of the wholesale value of your car. So, if your vehicle is worth $10,000, you could expect to borrow between $2,000 and $5,000. Your offer amount will also depend on your income and employment history.

    Other factors influencing the loan amount can include the car’s condition or other problems after the inspection. Even though you’re quoted a resale value of a certain amount, that number can change drastically if the car is not as described or doesn’t run well during the title loan inspection.

    Another loan option in Arizona is a vehicle registration loan. With this financing offer, you can use your vehicle registration as collateral for the amount borrowed. The amounts available for this type of loan are far lower than we see with title loans, typically around $500 to $2,000.


    Benefits Of Taking Out Arizona Title Loans

    Several benefits make Arizona title loans a decent alternative to bank and personal loans that are often hard to qualify for. These benefits include the fact that title loans are:

    – Secured loans are available to people with bad credit throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and other areas of AZ.

    – Do not require a credit check; most people with no credit history can see a quick approval without much hassle.

    – Can be done quickly and easily online or at any location near you in Maricopa County.

    – Provide cash within hours of approval.

    Arizona’s car title loans also offer longer terms than payday loans. While payday loans must be paid back in a few weeks or months, title loans can often have terms as long as 24 months. This gives you more time to repay the loan without worrying about an excessive APR like a payday loan. The extended payoff term also allows you to make extra monthly payments, and you have the luxury of paying off the entire amount upfront or at any time during the loan contract. By doing that, you can save considerable money by reducing the total interest payoff.


    What Are The Drawbacks Of Car Title Loans In AZ?

    Car title loans in Arizona have a few drawbacks that should be considered before applying. These include:

    – Title loans are not available in parts of the state. This includes those on certain Indian Reservations in AZ and people who are in the military.

    – The high interest rates when compared to traditional personal loans. Arizona’s APR for vehicle title loans can reach 100% in some scenarios.

    – The need to have a car title to secure the loan. If you don’t have a paid off car you won’t be able to give a lender your car title.

    – The possibility of needing to renew the loan if you can’t pay it off in full. Most auto title loan companies in Phoenix do not allow a loan renewal, but some companies may consider it if you default.

    – The risk is that the lender could take your car if you can’t make payments. A title loan repossession is not something to take lightly.

    Overall, title loans in AZ can be a good option when you need cash quickly and have bad credit. Just understand all the financing terms and payoff conditions, and use our car title loan calculator before signing any contract. Contact the helpful team at Premier Title Loans to apply either online or over the phone for a title loan in AZ.


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