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Complete our application, and we’ll give you an estimate of what your vehicle title is worth.


Use the equity in your vehicle to get same day cash. Bad credit is no problem and you can keep driving your car! Complete our online application to find out how much your vehicle is worth and how much money you can get with an online title loan from Premier.


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    The application process is very simple when you use your car title as collateral for a loan. All qualified applicants will need a clean and clear pink slip. This means your vehicle can have no liens against it and it needs to be fully paid off. You will next determine what type of payoff terms you need. These include the length of the loan and monthly payment.

    Once you submit your information you may receive a preliminary approval within 15 minutes or less. Sometimes, we’ll need more information from you or we may need to inspect your vehicle in person. As soon as you receive approval and sign the loan agreement you can receive money for your vehicle title within one business day.



    Complete the application for a car title loan online in less than 10 minutes. Or apply for the money you need over the phone or in person.


    You will know if you’ve been approved within 30 minutes. Bad credit isn’t an issue as long as you have equity in your vehicle!


    Once approved for a title loan you can get your cash in one business day. Sometimes within an hour if you live near one of our locations!
    Go with a title loan company near you open on weekends!

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    You should always get a payoff quote before you sign a title loan contract.

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    How Do Online Title Loans Work

    Online title loans aren’t for everyone. They come with a high interest rate and you run the real risk of losing your vehicle if you fall behind on monthly payments. Most financial institutions will require applicants to have an active checking account with verifiable employment references. Some companies will verify your bank account and may need extra credit checks or proof of income. Check your budget and finances to see if there are other options available before you move forward with an unsecured loan. Contact your local bank or credit union first to see if there are any lending opportunities available that don’t require your vehicle as collateral for the loan.

    How Can I Qualify For An Online Title Loan With Premier

    Once you’ve settled on a company make sure they’re licensed to offer online title loans in your state. Review the lending contract in full and find out how much money you’ll be paying each month. Know your rates, terms, and payoff information before signing a contract or application form. Confirm the loan term and interest rate is what was initially quoted. Similar to credit cards and payday advances, the finance charges for title loans are high. The terms and annual percentage rate that come with a vehicle title loan are determined by many factors. Some lenders will want to verify your credit score, past payment history, and loan amounts. They may require additional documents to verify proof of income and work history.

    What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Title Loan Online With Direct Deposit

    Unlike a cash advance or payday loan, this type of financing is secured by your vehicle’s collateral. Try to pay back the full amount quickly to avoid a high APR. Pay more money than what’s required every 30 days and work with a title loan lender that doesn’t assess a prepayment penalty. Always contact your lender if there’s a chance you can’t make your minimum loan amount payment. Contact a certified credit counselor and seek financial help when dealing with your daily finances and budget. Most companies that offer online title loans will need to be registered in the state you live in.

    Are These Title Loans Completely Online Without Having To Visit A Store

    Most of our clients have no problem filling out an application for an online title loan from their house. Sometimes though, you can meet with us in person at our Southern California location. By meeting with us in person you can bring all the documents and get everything completed in less than an hour. The alternative is to submit and finish the application for a car title loan completely online. A member of the customer service will call you if there are any needs for follow-up paperwork or additional verification.

    Is There An Office For Premier Title Loans Near Me

    It all depends on where you live and how much time you have on your hands. If you live in Southern California you can meet with us in person during our normal business hours. Otherwise, there’s always the option of getting everything done online from the convenience of your home or you can also contact us over the phone. Our goal is to make it easy to apply and qualify for an instant title loan.