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Are you trying to borrow money from a personal loan lender but getting nowhere because of your credit score? Consider a car title loan from a lender in GA as these loans don't require good credit! Borrow up to $25,000 using your vehicle's equity as collateral.

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    How Do Title Loans Work In Georgia & How To Apply

    Premier Title Loans offers same day approval for Georgia title loans, and we can take your application online or over the phone. Anyone can qualify for these loans with a paid off vehicle; it doesn’t matter what type of financial circumstance you’re dealing with.

    Online title loans allow borrowers to cash out significant equity from their vehicles. These loans are secured by the collateral in your car or SUV, and you can be approved with bad credit or no credit history!

    Unlike the strict repayment terms we see with payday loans, Premier Title Loans offers access to title loans where you can repay the entire loan balance early without penalty. Qualified customers can also apply to refinance their loan anytime and get a more favorable APR. Loan amounts vary based on your vehicle’s value, but you can expect a funding amount of $400 to $25,000 in GA.


    What Are The Basic Requirements For Same Day Cash Title Loans In GA

    Getting approved for a title loan in Georgia is relatively simple. You don’t need good credit, and the vehicle’s condition is the most critical factor. Other various requirements include.

    – You must be at least 18 years of age. Local title loan companies will likely request a valid Georgia Driver’s License.

    – You have to have an active checking account. This is required as the lender needs to be able to debit a checking or savings account for the subsequent monthly payments.

    – You need a valid vehicle with a clear title. Essentially the car needs to be paid off with a title loan in your name.

    – You need to provide employment information showing steady income.


    Online Title Loan In GA If I Have Bad Credit

    You should have no trouble getting an online title loan, even with bad credit or no credit history. While local lenders offering auto title loans in Atlanta will typically deny your application, a title loan provider will look at the equity from your vehicle as the primary requirement. That’s because your car’s collateral is used as security in the case of default, so your lender wants to know if there’s enough equity.

    Bad credit title loans don’t focus on your credit history; you can get approved and underwritten for a loan without a standard credit check. Also, consider that with these loans, you can make on time payments each month, which will reflect positively with the credit bureaus! So, yes, title loans will go on your credit in Georgia if you make the loan payments on time!


    What Else Do I Need To Know About Car Title Loans In GA

    You may be able to pick up your cash that same day if you apply with a local title loan company in Georgia. Some local finance lenders will take your application in person, meaning you can complete everything in one day and walk away with your cash. Finance companies in Augusta and Atlanta will allow you to apply online and finish the vehicle inspection in person at their location.


    Fill Out An Application Online Or With A Local Lender Near Me

    With Premier Title Loans, getting an auto title loan in GA has never been easier. Complete our application online or start with a local lender in Columbus or Savannah to borrow cash with your vehicle as collateral. Some local companies lend up to 70% of the vehicle’s value if you meet with them face to face, and you may get your cash that same day!

    Apply online with us or call 800-250-6279. After receiving your information, you can typically expect to hear from our customer service team within 15 minutes!


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