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Are you interested in getting a cash equity loan for your paid off vehicle? Premier Title Loans can get you a same day title loan in Atlanta if you have a lien free title and can verify income. These online loans are paid off over a period of months and you don't need good credit to qualify!

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    Choose The Best Title Loan Lender In Atlanta

    We’ve all been in situations where an unforeseen financial crisis makes it tough to pay our monthly bills. For people in Atlanta who make enough cash and have decent credit, paying for these expenses with a personal loan or installment loan from a local bank is easy. But what happens if you have poor credit or don’t make enough cash to get approved for an unsecured loan? That’s where an online title loan can be helpful, as you don’t need a good credit score, and the loan amounts can be well over $4,000 in GA. In addition, it takes less than 24 hours to apply and get your money, and almost everyone can pre-qualify using a lien free vehicle as collateral!

    If you’re considering a title loan in Atlanta, you should keep a few things in mind. First off, be sure you choose a reputable direct lender. Many companies offer title loans, but not all are created equal. Evaluate and compare companies with decent reputations and competitive rates. They should also be in good standing with the state of Georgia and provide a detailed lending contract.

    Also, this type of loan is excellent for someone with bad credit. While your credit history will preclude you from an unsecured loan, it doesn’t mean much with a title loan backed by your vehicle’s equity. So, regardless of your FICO score or payment history, your credit should not be an issue during the underwriting process.


    Essential Title Lending Requirements In Atlanta, GA

    To qualify for an instant approval title loan in Atlanta, you need a vehicle with a lien free pink slip. The car has to be in your name, fully paid off, and there can’t be any cosigners on the title. You also need to show proof of income. This can be with bank statements or documents from your employer showing your take-home pay.

    Some lenders that fund car title loans in Georgia may also offer early payoff options, saving you interest money. This is an excellent option if you come into some extra cash and want to pay off your loan early. Nearly all auto title lenders in Atlanta will let you pay off the loan early with no prepayment penalty.


    Determine The Value Of A Car For An Online Title Loan In Atlanta, GA

    The current market value of your car in GA is used when determining your loan amount. The consensus resale amount will determine a vehicle’s fair market value. The appraised value may be lower or higher than comparable sales in ATL, so you want to shop around and get more than one quote. The final funding appraisal amount is ultimately based on the vehicle and current market conditions.

    Your monthly income is another factor that determines your loan amount and repayment terms. The more money you make monthly, the more you can borrow with an online title loan. Any lender wants to know that you’ll stay current on the payments and repay your loan by the due date. By choosing a monthly payment that fits your budget, you should have no trouble avoiding default and getting your car’s title back when the loan is repaid.


    Choosing The Best Auto Title Loan Lender In Atlanta, GA

    When deciding on the best car title company or big rig title loan lender in Atlanta, compare the different offers and rates. Premier Title Loans can take your application online and find the top title companies in Atlanta that match your lending needs. The application processing and underwriting takes less than 15 minutes, and after that, you’ll be matched with a local lender that can fund your loan in 24 hours or less!

    Customers who apply for 24-hour title loans with Premier Title Loans can get their funds that same day with a neighborhood company in Fulton County! Call us at 800-250-6279 or complete the online application to see your vehicle’s value and get cash for your title!


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