State Disclosures


Please check your specific state disclosures before committing to a loan with a licensed lender in your state.


Alabama – The Alabama Consumer Credit Act regulates title loans in Alabama.


Arizona – Loans in Arizona are regulated in accordance with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.


California – All title loans in California are regulated by the Department of Financial Protection And Innovation.


Delaware – Lenders must be licensed with the Office of the State Bank Commissioner.


Georgia – Vehicle equity lenders in Georgia are regulated by the Department of Banking and Finance.


Idaho – Title loans issued in Idaho must adhere to the restrictions outlined in the Idaho Credit Code.


Illinois – Consumer loans issued in Illinois must be made in accordance with the Illinois Department Of Financial & Professional Regulation.


Indiana – Lenders are regulated by the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions and must adhere to rates and terms set by the Indiana Small Loan Law.


Kansas – The Office of the State Bank Commissioner regulates supervised lenders and credit service organizations in Kansas.


Missouri – The Missouri Division Of Finance regulates all short term lending companies in Missouri.


New Mexico – Loans issued in New Mexico must adhere to restrictions established by the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department.


Ohio – Companies funding loans in Ohio are regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce – Ohio Residential Mortgage Lending Act.


South Carolina – State-licensed lenders in South Carolina are regulated by the South Carolina Consumer Finance Division.


Tennessee – Title loans offered in Tennessee must adhere to the restrictions put in place by the Tennessee Department Of Financial Institutions.


Texas – Loans made by regulated lenders In Texas must be in accordance with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.


Utah – State licensed lenders in Utah must adhere to the regulations put in place by the Utah Department Of Financial Instructions.


Virginia – State-licensed lenders are regulated by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.