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    Title Loan Requirements – What’s Needed For Approval

    – A clear vehicle title: To qualify for an auto title loan, you must provide a vehicle with a clean title. That means there can be no liens or other loans against the car.

    – Proof of ownership: You’ll need to provide proof that you own the car outright. This is often in the form of a car title that shows you as the sole owner.

    – A steady source of income: Most title loan providers want to see that you have a consistent monthly income and can make payments and not default.

    -Proof of identity: As with any other short term loan, you must verify your identity and personal information.


    We will get into other secondary documents and paperwork that may be required. Still, the four items listed above will be needed with nearly every title loan company you apply with. There may be situations where you borrow a low amount of cash or still owe a bit of money to the original lender, but those are outliers. Most online title loans will require proof of ownership equity, identity, and income, and once you provide proof of meeting those four requirements, you will be well on your way to getting approved!


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    Documents & Paperwork Required For A Car Title Loan

    Once you know what’s required for title loans online, the next step is to determine exactly what documents are needed. Let’s break down the documents most licensed lenders want to see.

    – Vehicle Title Paperwork: Your car’s title must list you as the current owner, and there can’t be any lienholders, cosigners, or other claimants on the pink slip.

    – Proof of income: We can verify income through bank statements or pay stubs from your employer. That way, we know you can afford the monthly payments.

    – Insurance information: Some lenders will ask to confirm current vehicle insurance coverage, with payment going to them if the car is damaged or wrecked. In some cases, you may need to supplement the current insurance coverage with gap insurance that pays out the vehicle’s current market value.

    – Vehicle Registration: You must provide documentation from the DMV showing your car is registered for the current year.

    In addition to the documents mentioned above, your vehicle will likely need to be inspected at a lending location or a place of your choosing. Your lender wants to know that the car has enough equity and is worth the current resale amount.  The inspection will take one hour or less and involves a visual inspection of the vehicle and confirmation of the VIN and odometer reading.


    Applying For A Car Title Loan – How To Get Started

    Find a local title loan provider – For example, Premier Title Loans can connect you with a company that offers fast funding in most states with the option to get cash in person or send it straight by ACH to your checking account. Some customers would instead apply with a local company, and that’s no problem. Premier Title Loans offers access to equity loans in nearly 40 states, and the first step is determining your state’s lending limits and disclosures.

    Gather your documents – As discussed in the title loan requirements section, you’ll need some essential documentation when you start the online application process. All legitimate lenders require these documents, and you won’t get approved without a clean and clear vehicle title and proof of income.

    Loan underwriting & processing – The last step is underwriting your loan application. The underwriting process typically takes a few hours or less. Your lender will review your file to ensure everything lines up confirm meet their title loan qualifications.


    What Else To Know About The Essential Title Loan Requirements

    As mentioned above, the main requirements for online title loans consist of an applicant proving vehicle ownership, equity, identity, and income. Those requirements are essential because title loan lenders use them to assess applicants’ ability to repay the amount and ensure there’s enough collateral available in the case of default. Here are some other things title loan applicants should know when reviewing the Premier Title Loans lending requirements:

    – The vehicle title must be in your possession, and you must hand over the pink slip to the lender. No company will offer a loan if you don’t have the vehicle or the actual title to the car.

    – Your lender must be added as a lienholder on your car’s title. Unlike a title pawn that uses a vehicle as collateral, a title loan simply adds the lender to the car’s title. Before the cash is sent to your bank account, you will go to the DMV and add them as lienholders.

    – Most auto title loans are issued for eight months to 4 years. Remember, the quicker the loan term, the less you’ll pay in interest.  Repayment terms of 3 years or longer are challenging to repay as the interest increases monthly.

    – A lender can repossess and sell your vehicle if you default on the loan. Title loan repossession laws protect you in most states. Nonetheless, contact your lender if there’s a risk of defaulting on a title loan, and try to work out a repayment plan.

    – Title loans have high interest rates approaching 100% in certain states. Consider the requirements and decide what’s best for your financial situation.


    Loan amounts and title loan requirements vary by state, and it may be best to contact us for an individual consultation. Feel free to contact Premier Title Loans to learn more about our lending requirements or if you want to get started on an application. Call us at 800-250-6279 today!


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