We provide title loan services for owner operators with a semi truck or big rig. Borrow 10k or more!


Use the equity in your semi truck to get cash with a same day title loan. Qualify for funding even with a bad credit score and keep driving your big rig while making the monthly payments. These secured loans are great for commercial trucks that are fully paid off and you should be able to complete the application process in a few hours!


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    Use the equity in your commercial truck or big rig as collateral for a title loan! These semi truck title loans allow you to borrow cash using your big rig as collateral, and you don’t need a good credit score to qualify. Borrow up to $35,000 with a truck title loan and have the money sent to your bank account within a day or two of applying!


    Semi Truck Title Loans – What Is Required?

    The first step is to find a direct lender that offers semi truck title loans. Apply with an online service like Premier Title Loans to compare rates and terms for truck equity lenders in your state. Or you can work with a local lender that offers big rig title loans in your neighborhood.

    The requirements for commercial truck title loans vary based on the state you live in, but generally, you must meet the following criteria:

    Be 18 (19 in Alabama and a few other states).

    Own a commercial truck or big rig with a clear title in your name. This often means you own the rig; no cosigners or lenders on the pink slip can claim ownership. If the semi is titled under a business name, we need proof that you own that business.

    Have a steady income. Each company offering commercial vehicle title loans has different income verification requirements, but they typically accept bank statements or employment pay stubs.

    Have a valid driver’s license or ID to verify your identity. You will also need a Commercial Drivers License(CDL) if you plan on operating the truck while the lender has the title.


    A big rig commercial truck that can be used as equity for a title loan.


    Commercial Trucks That Qualify

    We accept all types of commercial trucks as equity for a title loan, so you don’t always need a semi to qualify! You can get approved for a loan using your big rig, box truck, platform truck, delivery truck, car hauler, or dump truck! All types of trucks can qualify, so please call us at 800-250-6279 if your commercial truck is not listed here. The odds are that it will qualify if it’s titled and registered and has equity!


    Inspections For A Commercial Truck Title Loan

    Like any other equity loan, you must complete a full truck inspection to get approved. We will initially ask for a few pictures of your rig and the title, and at that point, we’ll use your truck details and photos to generate an initial appraisal.  After the funding terms and loan amount have been agreed upon, you’ll need to bring the truck to a certified inspection location, or we can have an inspector meet you at your work or business.

    The truck will be inspected to ensure it runs and is in good condition. The inspector will also review the relevant log books, mileage, certifications, and insurance information before putting together an exact quote that shows your monthly payment, expected APR and payoff amount. All in all, the inspection should take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


    Loan Amounts With A Truck Title Loan

    Most big rigs and commercial trucks are worth far more than a typical car used as collateral for a title loan. That’s why you should anticipate a higher loan with a big rig loan. Funding amounts vary, but you can expect at least $2,000, with higher amounts up to $15,000 for high value rigs. Expect an LTV of 40 to 65% of the rig’s value.

    For example, title loan companies in CA will offer $2,500 to $25,000 for a semi truck title loan. Meanwhile, in AZ and Texas, there’s no minimum loan amount, and other states like Minnesota and Colorado outlaw equity loans on all types of vehicles! Remember that the interest rates and terms will vary based on the lender, the vehicle’s resale value and your financial situation.


    Interest Rates And Payment Terms For Semi Truck Title Loan

    Big rig title loans tend to have higher interest rates than car title loans because they’re seen as higher risk loans. Title loans written on a truck come with an APR that starts at 20% but can range from 20% to over 100%. The payment term length for semi truck title loans is shorter than a typical vehicle collateral loan. Most companies offer terms of two or less, which is a bit lower than the 2-year average for auto title loans.


    What Are The Benefits Of Applying For A Semi Truck Title Loan?

    One of the most significant benefits of semi truck title loans is using the equity in your truck or commercial vehicle as collateral. There’s no need for decent credit with this type of title loan, as instead, the lender can use your truck as security for the funded amount.

    These loans also have fast funding times so you can get approved and funded in 2 days or less! This is ideal if you need money for an emergency expense or want to avoid the lengthy application process and waiting period that comes with traditional bank loans.


    Title Loans On A Semi Truck With Bad Credit

    Yes, most people who apply for a big rig title loan are expected to have a poor credit score, and most companies won’t even do a standard credit check. Simply put, title loan companies don’t focus on your credit score when you apply for a truck title loan. That’s because the equity in your truck secures the loan, so you should still qualify even if you have bad credit. Your credit score can be an issue only if you have significantly more negative items than positive, a recent bankruptcy or two repossessions over the past year.

    The Risks Of Semi Truck Title Loan

    While semi truck title loans offer many benefits, there are also some risks to be aware of before you apply. One of the risks is losing your big rig or commercial vehicle if you can’t repay the title loan. Your truck’s pink slip secures the loan, and the lender has every right to repossess your car if the required payments aren’t made on time. Yes, you have a certain amount of time to contest the repossession, and you can get the truck back by catching up on the past due payments, but that’s not ideal, and you never want to face a situation where your rig is in danger of being taken from you.

    Another risk with a title loan is that you can’t sell your truck while you own money on a title loan. That’s because you’ve added a lender as a lienholder to the truck title, and they would require that you first pay off the loan before the truck is sold.


    Apply For A Semi Truck Title Loan

    Applying for semi truck title loans is typically a speedy and easy process, and we can get you a quick estimate with just your truck details and VIN. Most applicants can apply for a cash loan the same way as if they were looking to get a car title loan or a secured loan for an RV or boat. Start now and see how much you can get with an online title loan from Premier Title Loans. Complete our online application or call us at 800-250-6279 to see how much your truck is worth!


    A blue semi truck driving on the highway.