We offer online title loans, and in some cases, there’s no store visit required in AZ!


Premier Title Loans has been working with title loan customers in Gilbert for years and we know what you need to get approved and funded. Apply with us online to get same day cash with loan amounts up to $15,000.

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    We make it easy to apply for car title loans in Gilbert, AZ, and most customers can cash out equity with a lien free pink slip. The lending requirements are minimal with Premier Title Loans, and our goal is to get your loan application processed and underwritten in just a few hours. Here are our three steps to cash out your vehicle’s equity.


    Apply For Title Loans Online In Gilbert AZ

    However you choose to apply for an auto title loan, you can rest assured that you have choices on how to apply. Most customers will go the quickest route and apply directly with Premier Title Loans for fast title loans online. We work with equity lenders throughout Arizona, and we know what you need to get fast cash today.

    Applying for a title loan in person is another option for those who prefer to meet with a direct lender in their neighborhood. You’re able to meet face to face with a local company, and you can submit all your documents, complete the vehicle inspection, and sign your contract in one visit. Best of all, some companies offer onsite funding with cash or a money order!


    Get money now with same day title lending services in AZ


    24 Hour Title Loan Approval in Gilbert AZ

    At Premier Title Loans, we understand that you need cash fast, and there’s no reason why you can’t have money in hand within a few hours. We work with licensed direct lenders in AZ, and we can get you 2-3 quotes for a title loan on your car or truck.

    After you get initial approval for an equity loan in Gilbert, you must complete the vehicle inspection process. The inspection takes less than 30 minutes and can be done at the lender’s office. The more your vehicle is worth, the more you can borrow with funding amounts that range from $2,000 to $20,000. Expect much higher loan offers for newer low-mileage cars.


    Car Title Loans Online And How To Move Forward

    Getting approved with Premier Title Loans is easier than you think. We only need basic information about your vehicle and how much money you want to borrow. Then we’ll provide a quote based on your vehicle’s value and expected interest rate. If you agree to the lending terms, we’ll finish underwriting the loan and connect you with a local lender.

    You must complete only a few steps with a local lender before you get your cash. Take your vehicle in for a fast inspection, and when that’s finished, you will sign the loan docs and get your funds, possibly that same day! Some companies will wire the cash straight to your bank account, while others will hand over the money immediately after you are approved!


    Bad Credit Title Loans In Gilbert AZ

    We offer online title loans in Gilbert, AZ, regardless of your credit score or past loan defaults. That collateral is much more important than your credit history, as that’s what secures the funding amount!

    Contact Premier Title Loans for a same day quote and repayment estimate! We compare the benefits of a secured loan versus a registration loan and help you to make an informed decision. Our lending agents are standing by, and you can reach us at 800-250-6279 during regular business hours!


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