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Are you a Mesa resident looking to borrow cash? Here at Premier Title Loans, we offer affordable title loans of up to $15,000. These car title loans are great for borrowers are great for borrowers in Mesa and you don't need good credit!

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    How Car Title Loans Work In Mesa

    If you live in Mesa, AZ, and need money in less than one business day, a few options are available. One option is to take out a car title loan. This loan uses your vehicle’s equity as security for the funded amount, and you can typically be approved fast if the car is lien free and paid off. Another option is to take out a registration loan. This type of loan uses your vehicle registration as collateral to secure the loan. Both options are available from lenders in Mesa and can provide you with the quick cash you need when other lenders don’t work with you because of poor credit!

    Title loans are great because there are few underwriting requirements besides the car title or the typical MVD documents. Now compare that to what you can expect from a personal loan company that requires an excellent credit score and multiple other documents. Apply with Premier Title Loans online or call 800-250-6279 to get started, or you can read more to learn how these loans work in Mesa, Arizona.


    Car Title Loan Amounts & Interest Rates In Mesa

    Car title loan companies can offer more significant loan amounts than what’s typical with a payday or installment loan. Expect a funding amount of $1,000 to $20,000 with a car title loan, and as of 2023, the average loan amount in Mesa is $2,000. Registration loans come in a bit lower than that, with average funding amounts of $500. Ultimately, your loan amount is based on the vehicle’s value. Cars and trucks with a high resale value and low mileage are ideal collateral for these loans.

    The interest rates are similar to payday loans or other bad credit loans. Expect an APR of 40% or more, with some companies offering rates between 30-150%. Because of these high rates, you should only apply with a lender willing to lower or renegotiate the rate after several on-time payments. Also, avoid companies that charge pre-payment penalties if you pay off the loan in full before it comes due.


    Red Mountains Ranch in Mesa Arizona.


    When To Consider A Vehicle Title Loan In Mesa

    These secured loans are a decent lending option if you have bad or no credit because they don’t require a credit check. That means there won’t be a lengthy underwriting process, and you can expect a pre-approval notification in less than an hour when applying online with Premier Title Loans in Mesa.

    Bad credit title loans aren’t for everyone, and you should only consider a title loan if you can’t get approved for a personal loan. There’s always the risk of repossession when you take out a car title loan, but you should have no issues if the payments are made on time.

    Another reason that people turn to title loan lenders is simply due to the increased funding amount. While personal loans and payday loans are generally capped at around $600 in AZ, there’s a better chance you can borrow well over $1,500 from auto title lenders in Arizona.


    Vehicle Inspection Requirements For Mesa Title Loans

    In almost every situation, you must complete a vehicle inspection to finalize your lending contract. The good news is that it doesn’t take much time to inspect your car, and some companies in Mesa can come to meet with you at your business or home. The inspection is generally quick and easy, but it will give the finance company peace of mind that your car is worth the amount they’re lending you. During the inspection, your car will be checked for any mechanical and cosmetic damage and your lender will confirm the VIN, mileage, and registration info.

    One option gaining popularity is when a lender allows you to use video or other pictures instead of a vehicle inspection. Video proof showing the car can be allowed if you cannot meet with the vehicle inspector. However, the funding terms and amount for any car title loan with no inspection will be lower than expected with a typical secured loan. If you have the car and it runs and is in good shape, you should take it to a licensed ADOT inspection location in Mesa, as it only takes a few minutes and will likely lead to more favorable funding terms.


    Apply With A Local Car Title Loan Company In Mesa, Arizona

    Applying for title loans from a local lender with a car or truck is quick and easy. Premier Title Loans works with many licensed lenders in Mesa that offer same day approval with the option to pick up the funds in person right after you sign the loan documents!

    If you need cash, consider a 24 hour car title loan from Premier Title Loans. Apply online or call 800-250-6279 to find out how much equity your vehicle has.


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