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    Title Loans In Phoenix – How They Work

    Did you know you can tap into any available equity in your car and use it as collateral to get a secured loan? This type of funding is called a title loan, and these offers are popular in Phoenix. These equity loans come with advantages and drawbacks. Benefits include that you can get funding quickly, often within 24 hours, and you don’t need perfect credit to qualify. The main disadvantage is that you could lose your car if you default on the loan.

    If you’d like to apply for title loans near me in AZ, you need to know the requirements to pre-qualify and get approved. Again, we are not saying this information is standard with every vehicle equity lender in PHX. But for the most part, you can expect the following requirements when applying online or in person with a company in Maricopa County.


    Lending Requirements For Phoenix Title Pawns

    Applying for a title loan is simple as long as you can show proof of a paid off vehicle.  The car’s title is the main requirement, as it’s used as equity for a typical collateral loan. You’ll need to show some income, typically with bank statements or proof of employment. Some customers can qualify with untraditional income sources like social security, but the loan amounts will likely be lower.

    Premier Title Loans works with many lenders in Phoenix, and we’ll process and underwrite your application as quickly as possible. This means we need you to have all the necessary documents ready to submit. Besides the car title and proof of income, we’ll also need proof that your car is insured and proof of vehicle registration in AZ. For loans over $1,500, you should expect your vehicle to be inspected to confirm it’s in good working order with the proper mileage. There are many inspection locations in the Biltmore District and throughout Downtown Phoenix so you should have no trouble getting this done quickly. The inspection typically occurs before you sign the final loan docs and pick up your cash!


    Downtown Phoenix Arizona


    Auto Title Loan In Phoenix With Bad Credit

    If you have bad credit, you may think your only option for borrowing money is to go through a payday lender, but a title loan is a welcome alternative. Instead of focusing on your FICO score, we look at your vehicle’s equity and whether or not you can repay the loan! While secured loans don’t require a credit check, they can still be challenging if you’re in bankruptcy or dealing with a repossession from another lender.

    We’re confident we can get you approved for a title loan with poor credit, but you should expect your loan will come with a high interest rate. These bad credit title loans can be a lifesaver for those whose bank has denied them, but they’re not for everyone, as the interest rates can approach 100% or more in certain situations.


    Refinancing Options With A Title Loan

    Title Loans and registration loans have been offered throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area for years, and many residents have existing loans with interest rates that make it challenging to repay the loan. Most don’t know they can refinance their loan to a lower APR and get a quicker repayment term with lower monthly payments! Premier Title Loans offers access to refinancing and buyouts for both title loans and registration loans in PHX, and you can get new loan terms within one business day or less. Gather your loan documents and current income statements, and call us to see how much you can save with new terms for your loan!


    Premier Title Loans In Phoenix

    Premier Title Loans has you covered when you’re ready to apply for an online title loan. We work with direct lenders throughout Phoenix, and most companies in our network will underwrite and fund the loan in 24 hours or less. Apply online using our website or call 800-250-6279, and we’ll get you a no obligation quote in less than 15 minutes that details your estimated loan amount, payment options, and interest rate. From there, you can wrap up the vehicle inspection and document signing in person with your local title loan company in PHX!


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