We offer title loan refinances to reduce your interest rate and lower the monthly payment!


Are you looking to reduce the APR or lower the monthly payment on your current title loan? Premier Title Loans can help to get new lending terms and payoff amounts on your loan. We offer fast approval and most customers that are current on the existing loan can get approved in hours!

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    Why It Makes Sense To Refinance Your Car Title Loan

    It almost always makes sense to refinance your existing car title loan. There are certain situations where a refi or even a revision on the payoff terms is unnecessary. This includes if you already have a decent rate with favorable payoff terms. Of course, a “decent rate” can be up for interpretation, and you can save a considerable amount of money even if you bring your APR down a few points.

    Another time will be if you’re close to paying off the amount due. Most companies will give out loans with rates comparable to what you see online. Finance charges will always be high as many car title loan companies won’t check your credit. But as time passes, you should make your payments on time each month. Most direct lenders will report on time payments to the different credit bureaus. Check with your finance company before signing a contract or lending agreement to see who makes the underwriting decisions.

    It makes sense to expect a lower rate after making timely payments, much as you would with a car or home equity loan. Another scenario is if you are about to pay off the loan in full because of early payment or near the end of the payoff terms. When refinancing, you should see an improvement in the repayment terms and less money be spent monthly on finance charges. You can benefit from a quick payoff or lower monthly payment, as refinancing will often lead to a lower interest rate.

    What To Look For

    When You Want To Refinance A Title Loan

    Once you’ve decided to refinance your title loan, there are a few things to consider. Much like if you were applying for a simple vehicle equity loan, you first need to start by choosing a lender. Do you go with a company or someone that provides title loans fast because they’re in your neighborhood? Some direct loan companies in your area will tell you the process will be easier if you meet with them in person. But it may be quicker online as most companies that offer online title loans will have their process streamlined. It pays to shop around when looking for the best terms. Even an interest rate improvement of one or two percent can save you considerable money in the long run.

    Here at Premier Title Loans, we’ll work with you to get the best rates and terms when applying to refinance a title loan online with no inspection or credit check.  It takes less than 15 minutes to submit your information, and rest assured; a refi will take far less time to underwrite than a typical title loan. After you submit your info, we’ll contact you and let you know what options are available and your expected interest rate. Lastly, your lender will contact the original lienholder and negotiate to buyout the title loan, and you’ll end up with more favorable terms and possibly won’t have to deal with a repossession! So contact us now at 1-800-250-6279 to see how much you can save with a refi!

    Online title loans are now available with same day funding.

    Terms To Expect With A Title Loan Refinance

    Every lender offers different terms with a refinance, but ultimately, they need to be better than what you currently have. That means you should expect a lower interest rate and repayment terms that get you out of debt quicker.

    Let’s assume you live in California and have an interest rate of 60% on your existing loan. Did you know refinancing can lower your APR to less than 36%? By cutting your interest rate in half, you can repay the loan much quicker and get your car’s pink slip back in half the time. Review the quotes you receive for a title loan refinance, and only move forward if the payment terms and interest rate reductions make sense. While you should always strive to lower your finance charges, it may not make sense to refi if you can only reduce the APR by a few percentage points.

    What's Required

    And How To Apply For A Refi

    The requirements to refinance an existing title loan are similar to what you need when first applying for a loan. In addition to your current lending documents, we need proof that the vehicle is still titled and owned by your existing lender. There can’t be any additional liens on the car. We need proof of income to verify you can satisfy the repayment terms of a new loan. Lastly, the vehicle can not have been repossessed by your original lender. While some customers in default can qualify for refinancing, it’s challenging to buy out an existing loan that’s already been repo’d.

    Are you ready to see if you can qualify with a Premier Title Loans refinance? Contact us at 800-250-6279, and we’ll get to work appraising the vehicle to get you pre-qualified. We’ll let you know within 30 minutes if we can lower the interest rate or improve the terms on your current title loan!

    Arrange new loan terms with a refinance.