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Can I Get A Title Loan With An Out Of State Lender?

Many customers ask if they can get approved for a title loan in a different state or if the requirements differ outside their state. These questions often arise because all states have different laws and regulations regarding title loans. Some states ban short term loans, while others restrict loan amounts and interest rates. Out of state title loans mean that you apply for the loan in a state different from where your car is registered. It may be possible to get out of state title loans in some cases, but not always.


What Is An Out of State Car Title?

When you have an out of state car title, it just means a different state issues your title document for your vehicle than the one you currently live in, or in this scenario, where you’re applying for a title loan. When you move to a new state, your car title, for example, could originate from your previous state.

Your car title is a legal document that establishes your ownership of your vehicle. It also provides information on the vehicle, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), make and model, year, and your name and address.

If you move to a new state, you may have to update your car title to ensure you comply with state regulations and that your title reflects your new address. This is also true when you apply for a title loan with a title that’s not in your name or if you have a lienholder or 3rd party on the pink slip.

Typically, updating your car title is part of the process if you register your car in a new state.

Regulations related to car titles and registrations differ depending on the state, so you must check with the local DMV or the equivalent agency to ensure that you update your title and registration promptly and avoid potential penalties or fines.

Most states will require you to register your car there if you move, and you’ll also need to get updated insurance coverage within 60 days.


Can I Get A Car Title Loan In Another State?

Can you get a car title loan in a different state? The answer depends on factors such as state regulations and lender restrictions that govern loan amounts and interest rates.

Regulations for getting a title loan vary by state, and lenders must follow the laws in each state where they operate. Whether or not you can get a title loan from an out of state lender depends on the laws where you live and the laws where the lender operates.

Some states have stricter rules than others for title loans, making it harder for a lender to accept a title from another state. For example, it’s much easier to get a title loan or registration loan in Arizona, with few lending restrictions, versus California, where most loans have interest rate caps. The same is true in Florida and Texas versus Colorado or Pennsylvania, as there’s a good chance you’ll get approved for a title loan in those states if you own a vehicle worth $2,500 or more.

Lenders may have specific restrictions regarding the origins of a vehicle title. Some lenders will accept an out of state title, while others prefer titles only from the state where they operate. Lenders usually also assess a vehicle’s value when determining the loan amount. If your lender can’t determine the value or condition of the car because the title is from out of state, this could affect whether or not you’re approved.


Drive to find an out of state lender


Proving Residency For A Title Loan In A Different State

Whether you’re applying for out of state car title loans or trying to work with a lender in your state, they will probably ask you to prove residency. Proving residency is a common requirement as you apply for a title loan. A lender might ask you for proof of residency to verify your address.

To prove residency for a title loan, you can show documents such as your utility bills, a lease or rental agreement, or a mortgage statement. You can also use a government-issued ID; some lenders will take your vehicle registration as proof of residency.


How Do You Get A Car Title Loan?

Getting a car title loan involves several steps, including out of state title loans if a lender allows them.

First, complete the Premier Title Loans application with your personal information and details about your vehicle. Some lenders may also want information about your income and employment even though your car is the collateral. Then, the lender will assess the value of the vehicle you use as collateral. They might do an in person inspection, or you may need to provide documentation and photos to verify the vehicle’s equity value.

You’ll have to show the lender your physical title, and if you meet all the criteria, the lender will approve your loan. The loan amount you’re approved for is usually a percentage of whatever the appraised value of your vehicle. You sign an agreement and give the title to the lender while repaying your auto equity loan or title loan. You then agree to repay the loan based on whatever the terms of your agreement are with the lender. You get your title back when your loan is paid off.


Final Takeaways About Out Of State Car Title Loans

The short answer to “Can you get a title loan in a different state?” depends on the lender, where they are, and the state on your title. Some companies will offer these secured loans to customers willing to cross state borders to apply. In contrast, others will follow their state regulations and only offer loans to residents within the state.

If you’re interested in getting a title loan in a different state from where your title originates, we may be able to help at Premier Title Loans. You can start applying for a title loan with us online. If you have questions about out of state title loans or need more details on the process, contact us at 800-250-6279.