We offer access to car title loans, and most customers can qualify with a paid off vehicle title!


Are you looking to borrow $2,000 or more with a title loan in Lynchburg, Virginia? Premier Title Loans offers same day approval title loans for anyone with a paid off vehicle and you don't need excellent credit to qualify!

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    How Car Title Loans Work In Lynchburg

    Lynchburg is one of the larger cities in Virginia, and Premier Title Loans can now offer access to same day title loans with funding amounts that can reach $15,000. With these loans, you don’t need a good credit score to qualify and there’s often little required besides your vehicle’s title and proof of income. Applicants can borrow 30% to 55% of their vehicle’s value and you may be able to get your funds that same day you apply!

    Are you wondering what types of vehicles qualify for a title loan in Lynchburg? Well, it’s not just cars and trucks that you can use as collateral. We also offer pre-approval for title loans on motorcycles, RV’s and semi trucks and most other vehicle’s that are titled with the Virginia DMV can qualify. Premier Title Loans only needs your vehicle’s make, model, and year to determine title loan value of your car and the entire underwriting process only takes a few hours.


    6 Steps To Get A Title Loan In Lynchburg, VA:

    1. Determine Eligibility – You must meet specific requirements the lender sets. This includes proof of vehicle ownership and proof that you can make future loan payments.

    2. Compare Lending Offers – Get a handful of quotes to see how much you can borrow and the different terms each lender can offer.

    3. Gather Vehicle & Income Documents – You’ll need a lien free vehicle and proof of employment to get a car title loan in Lynchburg.

    4. Submit Your Application Online – Submit your application online with Premier Title Loans. We work with local lenders that handle the underwriting and funding and can get you pre-approved in less than an hour.

    5. Complete A Vehicle Inspection – Companies offering Virginia title loans require a vehicle inspection to determine the vehicle’s value.

    6. Receive Your Cash – After signing the loan documents, you can collect your funds at any retail location in Campbell County.


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    Credit Requirements For Online Title Loans In Lynchburg, VA

    Your vehicle’s equity gets you approved for a title loan in Virginia. Therefore, your credit score is not as important when underwriting the loan. Local lenders in Lynchburg want to see that there’s equity in your vehicle that can be used as a fallback if you default on the payments. Remember, a title loan company doesn’t want to deal with repossession or the possible sale of your vehicle at auction, and they’ll work with you in the case of missed payments.

    One potential benefit of a car title loan is that you may increase your credit score while making payments on a title loan. Most title loan companies report monthly payments to the credit bureaus, and you can improve your credit score by making the required payments for your loan. Contact Premier Title Loans at 800-250-6279 to learn more about how a title loan can affect your credit score in Lynchburg!


    Title Loan Refinance Options In Lynchburg, VA

    Do you have an existing title loan from another lender in VA? Premier Title Loans may be able to reduce your APR with a new title loan in Lynchburg. Some other benefits of refinancing are:

    Extended Loan Terms – Need more time to repay the loan? Refinancing could give you an extra year or more to repay the loan, meaning a payoff term that better fits your budget!

    Avoid A Vehicle Repossession – Are you in danger of falling behind on your payments or is your lender threatening to repossess your vehicle? Look into refinancing that loan to avoid losing your vehicle! Premier Title Loans works with local companies in Virginia that offer loan buyouts for applicants facing default.

    Lower Your Monthly Payment – Is your monthly payment more than you can handle? We’ll work to renegotiate your title loan terms with a refinance! Reduce the monthly payment and potentially lower your interest rate as well with a title loan refinance in Lynchburg..


    Apply For A Car Title Loan In Lynchburg

    Applying for a title loan online with premier Title Loans may be the most effective option if you need money in 24 hours and don’t have time to visit nearby lenders. To get a quote, complete our online application with details about yourself and your vehicle. After that, we’ll contact you to review the loan details and get you a pre-approval title loan quote.

    Premier Title Loans can help you find the best title loans in Lynchburg, whether online or at a local office in Madison Heights or Montview, VA. Apply online or contact us today at 800-250-6279 to learn more!


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