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Premier Title Loans can get you pre-approved for a title loan in Gallup, New Mexico with cash in 24 hours less. We provide access to manageable interest rates, regardless of your credit history and you can keep driving your vehicle after the initial approval!

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    Car Title Loans In Gallup, NM – What You Need To Know

    Are you looking to borrow cash using your vehicle as collateral? Title loans are an option for anyone in Gallup who owns a paid-off vehicle, and some customers can borrow upwards of $20,000.

    To qualify for a car title loan in Gallup, NM, you must have a vehicle title that’s lien free and in your name. You must provide proof of income and verify that your car or truck is registered in New Mexico.

    Here at Premier Title Loans, we offer access to same day approval for anyone with a vehicle worth at least $5,000. Yes, you’ll need to bring in the car for a quick inspection. But there’s often no need to check your credit, and some customers can get their cash in one business day or less!


    Loan Amounts And Rates For Online Title Loans In Gallup, NM

    Premier Title Loans works with direct lenders in Gallup, and all of these companies offer title loans and auto equity loans of $10,000 or less with interest rates that max out at 36%. That means you can use your car’s equity to get a loan with an interest rate far lower than what you’d get from a payday loan company.  The average loan amount is $3,000; some customers can qualify for higher funding amounts with vehicles that are year 2017 or newer.

    So why not see how much you can borrow with a car title loan? It only takes a few minutes to complete our online application, and after that, we’ll get you a pre-approval quote showing your repayment terms, APR, and estimated loan amount!


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    Should You Get A Car Title Loan In Gallup, NM?

    Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if this type of secured loan is right for you. Consider how long it will take to repay the loan and compare the rates with a title loan to what’s expected with unsecured loans. Yes, you can borrow far more with an equity loan and it only takes a few hours to get approved. However, car title loans put you at risk of losing your vehicle if you cannot make payments. If this type of loan fits you well, contact Premier Title Loans today!

    Premier Title Loans has been offering quick cash to borrowers in Gallup, NM, since 2020. We know what you need to get approved, and we’ll present you with different lending options from several direct lenders near you.

    Whether you’re looking for online car title loans or prefer to apply with a direct local lender, we can help you make an informed lending decision based on your credit profile and vehicle equity.


    Apply For A Bad Credit Title Loan in Gallup

    Are you seeking a loan but getting denied because of your poor credit score? Title loans are far less reliant on your credit history and you can get approved with a FICO score under 500! All we need is proof of equity in your vehicle, and there won’t be a need to check your credit. Yes, we want to know if you’re dealing with bankruptcy or currently defaulting with another lender. But being behind on a few bills won’t lead to an outright title loan denial.

    Title loans in Gallup are designed for those dealing with credit issues, as your car’s equity is used to underwrite the loan, not your credit history! Call Premier Title Loans at 800-250-6279 to see how much you can borrow with a bad credit title loan.


    Title Loan Refinance Options In Gallup, New Mexico

    Do you have an existing vehicle equity loan from another lender offering tite loans in New Mexico? Significantly lower the interest rate by refinancing your title loan! At Premier Title Loans, our agents will work with you to find a direct lender in McKinley County that offers competitive rates and flexible repayment terms. In some scenarios, you can reduce the APR from over 100% to a more manageable 36%. That decrease can save you thousands and lead to a much quicker payoff! We can also help ensure your vehicle is appraised correctly so you get the highest cash amount possible when borrowing against its equity value.

    If you’d like to learn more about our refinance options or are ready to apply for a car title loan in Gallup, NM, contact us today! Our agents are always here to help you cash out equity from your vehicle. Apply online or call Premier Title Loans at 800-250-6279 and put your finances back on track!


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