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Anyone with a paid off vehicle can get a title loan in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Borrow up to $20,000 and your car qualifies if it's paid off. We won't run a credit check and you can get your money that same day!

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    How Does A Title Loan Work In Santa Fe & What’s Required

    These loans allow anyone with a paid off vehicle the opportunity to pull out equity from their car or truck. Here in Santa Fe, you often borrow up to $20,000 and most secured loans between $2,500 and $10,000 have an interest rate that’s capped at 36%. All types of cars, SUVs, and trucks can qualify, and we can even connect you with a lender in NM that offers collateral loans on boats and RVs. With a title loan, you’ll keep driving the vehicle while making the set monthly payments. There’s no need to give up the keys and hand over the car to the lender. Instead, they hold the pink slip as collateral until the loan amount is paid off.

    The Santa Fe title loan requirements are simple to follow if you have a lien free title. Your car will likely qualify if it has low mileage and is the year 2010 or newer and you can expect a loan amount of $2,500 if the pink slip is in your name with no cosigner or other claimants. Other requirements may include showing vehicle insurance and active registration in New Mexico. In addition, expect to show proof of employment and this can be in the form of bank statements or a letter from your employer. Other than that, there’s much you need to qualify!


    Auto Title Loans With Bad Credit In Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Unlike a traditional personal loan company, your credit score won’t be the main focus when you first apply and have your loan underwritten. Instead, we need to see equity in the vehicle as that collateral is far more important than any missed payments or other credit issues. Lenders understand that people applying for title loans in Santa Fe will likely have a poor credit score and they’ll look past that and instead focus on the collateral in your vehicle. You can even be approved with a recent bankruptcy or repossession in your past!


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    Fast Funding Title Loans In Santa Fe, NM

    You can get approved and sign off on your lending contract within an hour of submitting your info. That means anyone in New Mexico can have their cash sent by wire to a bank account within 24 hours! Are you looking to get the money that same day? Good news, there are options to get cash within just a few hours of submitting an online application. You can apply with a local direct lender in Santa Fe that offers auto title loans in New Mexico. These lenders can do everything in one day and you can fill out the paperwork, complete the inspection and pick up your cash during that same visit!

    What about if you apply online or over the phone but request same funding? Some local lenders will allow you to do everything online and then you can request the funds be sent to any money order location within the city. For example, there are locations on Cerillos Road and Herrera Drive in Santa Fe that provide 1 hour transfers, so there’s no reason why you can’t get a same day title loan if you have all the documents ready to go!


    Apply With Premier Title Loans

    Are you looking to get instant cash for your paid off vehicle? Here at Premier Title Loans, we can take your application online, or you can call us anytime to get started. Unlike traditional banks and payday loan companies, we only specialize in title loans and we’ll work to get you matched with any handful of the title loan companies we work with in Santa Fe.

    It takes less than 5 minutes to complete our online application as you only need to know your requested loan amount and vehicle information. Once you submit these details, we’ll reach out and break down the available financing options and review the pre-approval documents. At this point, we can ensure you have all the requirements ready to go and the last step is to fin a local lender in Santa Fe that can fund your loan in one business day or less!

    Don’t wait! Apply online with Premier Title Loans or call us at 800-250-6279 to complete an application over the phone. We have helpful agents available every day of the week and can quickly let you know how much equity is available in your car or truck!


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