We offer online title loans that don’t require good credit with pre-approval in one business day!


Are you interested in cashing out some equity from your vehicle? Premier Title Loans works with qualified customers in Greenville, South Carolina and we offer loan amounts of up to $20,000. You don't need excellent credit and there are few requirements besides a lien free vehicle and proof of income.

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    Are you trying to borrow money to pay for an unexpected expense or dealing with a financial crisis that won’t be solved with a traditional payday loan or personal loan from a bank or credit union? Here in Greenville, SC, you have a new lending option to borrow cash using the equity in your car, truck, or SUV. These online title loans are great for someone who needs to borrow a few thousand dollars as the loan amounts are much higher with these secured loans. Besides that, there’s little emphasis on your credit score, as your car’s equity matters to the lender, not your credit score!


    Lending Limits And Title Loan Requirements In Greenville, SC

    You’ll need a few things to apply for an auto title loan in Greenville, SC. First and foremost, you’ll need proof of ownership of the vehicle being used as collateral. This will be verified with a title document, such as the one issued by the DMV when you purchased it. You’ll also need to provide proof of income, which can be done via pay stubs or other documents. Finally, you must be at least 18 and have valid identification (such as a driver’s license).

    Regarding loan amounts, most lenders offer between $500-$5,000 depending on your car’s value and ability to repay the loan. Other factors determining your funding amount include your monthly income and current vehicle value based on comparable sales in Greenville, SC. The good news is that title loans in SC have limited restrictions regarding lending laws and regulations. Interest rates are generally quite reasonable compared to other cash advance options.


    Where To Find Title Loan Lenders In Greenville, SC

    An online auto title loan may be a practical solution if you’re looking for a convenient way to borrow money using the equity in your car, truck, or SUV in Greenville, SC. With Premier Title Loans, you can get an online estimate in minutes that breaks down how much you can borrow by using the equity in your car.

    Auto title loans are an excellent way for people in Greenville, SC, to access quick cash without needing a detailed credit check. With competitive rates and flexible repayment plans, it’s easy to see why vehicle owners turn to online title loans when faced with financial difficulties. Whether you need same day funds for an emergency expense or cash to pay for vehicle repairs, an online title loan could be the perfect solution!


    Cash loans for your car or truck equity.


    Auto Title Loans With No Insurance Or Vehicle Registration Info

    While some companies that offer title loans are flexible with the underwriting requirements, getting a title loan without any insurance or vehicle registration information isn’t easy. Reading the fine print of any lender you’re working with before committing to a loan is essential.

    If you need money fast and don’t have all the required documents, your best bet is to explore other options, such as payday or personal installment loans in Greenville. Short term loans don’t require collateral and may be easier to secure without specific docs like insurance or vehicle registration paperwork. Also, even though the funding amount will be lower from a personal loan, you don’t have the risk that comes with putting up your pink slip as collateral. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a convenient way to get quick cash using the equity in your car, truck, or SUV, then an online auto title loan might be right for you – make sure you understand the terms before signing up!


    Does My Car Need To Be Paid Off To Get A Title Pawn In Greenville, SC?

    No, you don’t always need to have a paid off car to get a title pawn in Greenville. Most lenders will still consider your vehicle for loan eligibility if any liens or judgments do not encumber it. However, the money you can borrow from a lender may be reduced if the car still has an outstanding balance. Read the financing terms and other lending requirements for a title loan to know exactly what you’re getting into. Good luck!


    Title Pawns Near Me In Greenville

    Do you prefer to apply with a local lender in Greenville? Look no further than Premier Title Loans – your go-to title loan expert! The local companies we work with in Five Forks, Powdersville, and other parts of Greenville County offer competitive title loan quotes and flexible repayment plans. You can get the cash you need without worrying about high interest fees or long-term debt. Plus, you can find a place near you with convenient locations across Greenville!

    Premier Title Loans makes it simple to apply entirely online and then pick up your funds that same day. Our lending network has several local companies in South Carolina, and it’s likely that anyone with a paid off title pawn can qualify in less than one business day.


    How Long To Get Underwritten & Funded For A Premier Title Loan In Greenville, SC

    At Premier Title Loans, the entire process only takes about 24 hours to get a loan. After you submit your completed application, our team will review it and contact you within one business day with an estimate of how much money you can get from a title loan. From there, we’ll work with you to finalize the details and fund your loan in as little as one business day. You’ll most likely need to go through a quick vehicle inspection, but this takes less than an hour. Some companies can send the appraiser to your home or place of business!

    So, don’t wait any longer – apply online today! With Premier Title Loans, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch customer service and a competitive APR from a local auto title lender in Greenville. Call us at 800-250-6279 to get the cash you need fast!


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