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Apply for an online title loan in Jacksonville to use your car's equity as security for a loan. Borrow up to 70% of your vehicle's equity from a lender in Florida and you don't need a good credit score!

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    What To Know About Jacksonville Title Loans

    Title loans use your car’s equity as collateral for a secured loan, and all you need is a lien free vehicle that’s paid off and registered in your name. This means you can quickly get the money you need without a lengthy approval process and keep driving your vehicle through the lending term.

    Because your car’s title is used as collateral, you can still get approved for a loan even with a bad credit score! Remember, most title loan companies in Jacksonville, Florida, offer much more for a secured loan with a paid off car title compared to an unsecured loan that has no security being put up. Borrow $3,000 or more with an online title loan, and there’s a chance you can get your cash just a few hours after being approved!


    Title Loan Lending Requirements In Jacksonville, FL

    At Premier Title Loans, we make getting an online loan in Jacksonville easy and simplify the main requirements for auto title loans. To be approved, you will need the following:


    A clear car title that shows you as the only registered owner. You can’t owe any payments on the car, and the vehicle’s title needs to be paid off. Most Jacksonville title loan companies will also require that you have the pink slip in your possession. To get a certified copy, you can visit any handful of FLHSMV Centers in Duval County and get your car’s title during that same visit.

    Proof that you have current employment and verification of your income. This can be a recent payment stub from your current employer or another document that details or verifies employment status and income.

    Your Driver’s License from the State of Florida or another state issued photo ID to verify your identity and place of residence.

    Provide a copy of your vehicle insurance specifying full vehicle coverage. You may also need to show your vehicle registration and keep the registration and car insurance payments current while the lender has the car’s title.


    If you have all the required documents listed above, you’re well on your way to being approved! The final step is to bring your vehicle down to our convenient location for a quick inspection, and then you’ll be able to sign the contract and drive away with the cash you need. The vehicle inspection doesn’t take long, and most vehicle title loan lenders in Jacksonville can inspect the vehicle and review the lending documents with you in less than an hour.


    Are Online Title Loans In Jacksonville Possible With Bad Credit

    If you have bad credit and are looking for title loans in Jacksonville, you may still be approved, provided that you own your vehicle outright and can provide proof of employment. Even if you have a past bankruptcy or have defaulted on personal loans, there’s a good chance you get cash for the equity from your car or truck. Premier Title Loans specializes in getting our customers funded quickly, even if they have poor credit or no credit history!


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    How Much Can I Get Approved For With A Florida Title Loan & What Are The Rates

    The title loan amount you’re approved for in Jacksonville, FL, will be based on your vehicle’s value and ability to repay the loan. The funding can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000 and sometimes more, depending on your car’s worth and income. The first step is to see what comparable cars are selling for in Duval County to check a vehicle’s exact title loan value. Expect average loan offers based on 40-60% of the vehicle’s equity with an APR that ranges from 25% to over 120%.


    Is There A Way To Get A Title Loan In Jacksonville Without A Job?

    Steady employment is not required to get an auto title loan, but you must verify that you can make the expected monthly payments. If you don’t have a job but receive monthly benefits or pension payments, title loan lenders will likely consider this as well.

    At Premier Title Loans, we can work with all types of applicants and even get you approved for title loans with no job in just a few hours! We understand that there are many reasons someone may not have a traditional 9-5 job, and we’re here to help. Apply online or contact our customer service team at 800-250-6279 to see how much you can borrow and what types of terms you’ll be looking at for car title loans in Jacksonville!


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