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We offer title loans that don’t require good credit. Apply online or call us at 800-250-6279!


Premier Title Loans offers title loans in San Jose that don't require good credit. Apply online to cash out equity from your vehicle with loan amounts up to $25,000!

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    Premier Title Loans offers fast funding title loans in San Jose; you only need a lien free vehicle, income verification, and proof of registration to qualify. Eligible borrowers can use their car’s equity as collateral and get an instant approval car title loan of up to $20,000 with same day funding! Also, there’s no need for excellent credit to qualify; many of these title loans have interest rates of 36% or lower in California!


    Find The Best Title Loan Companies Near Me In San Jose

    The best title loan companies in San Jose can offer you the lowest APR and monthly payments. They should have a good reputation with online services and positive customer reviews. Most importantly, a local company should offer same day funding options where you can grab your funds in person at any location in the Santa Clara Valley.

    Finding a licensed finance lender is essential, as some companies offer rates and terms that do not meet California lending requirements. Here at Premier Title Loans, we’ll take your loan request online and get you a title loan quote based on your vehicle’s collateral. Loan amounts range from $2,500 to $25,000 and you don’t have to give up the keys to your vehicle to get a title loan!


    What To Look For In A Lender:

    – Pre-approval based on your vehicle equity and income status. Apply online with Premier Title Loans and save the hassle of meeting with a direct lender in person! All we need is a paid-off vehicle and proof of income!

    – Check to see if the lender is licensed. Car title loan companies in San Jose must be licensed to offer short term loans in CA.

    – Compare interest rates and repayment terms. Find a lender offering the best APR and monthly payments that fit your budget. Remember that title loans offered in San Jose for between $2,510 and $10,000 are subject to interest rate limits of 36%.

    – Ensure your lender has detailed the interest rate and repayment term. They should provide you with a signed contract to review before signing off on the repayment terms.


    Premier Title Loans will get you the best 24 hour title loans in San Jose. We offer fast online approval for anyone who has a paid off vehicle titled in their name. So call us at 800 250-6279 or visit our website to complete an online application.


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    Eligibility For Bad Credit Title Loans In San Jose

    Even though the average credit score in San Jose is higher than the national average, that doesn’t mean everyone has an excellent FICO score. So what about those applicants who need cash today but have a credit score under 600? That’s where a car title loan comes in, as your underwriter will look more intently at how much equity exists in your vehicle. Cars and trucks worth more than $6,000 can be used as collateral for a title loan in San Jose and we likely won’t even run a credit check when underwriting your loan. Vehicle equity loans are designed for this situation as there’s more emphasis placed on your car or truck equity versus your recent credit history!

    Premier Title Loans offers approval in one business day or less for car title loans in San Jose, but you may still need to bring in your car, truck, or motorcycle for a brief inspection before you sign off on the loan. The inspection can take place at any retail lending location in Northern California, and during this time, we’ll confirm the vehicle’s resale value and inspect the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the vehicle.


    How To Repay A Car Title Loan

    If you’ve decided that a vehicle title loan is right for your current financial situation, your next step is to figure out a payment plan and repayment term that fits your needs. Remember, there’s no real need to borrow the maximum amount if you don’t have to. Request an amount that matches what you need for a financial emergency and stay in contact with customer service to possibly lower your interest rate at the back end of the lending term. Online title loans are challenging to pay off, and you don’t need to make it harder by borrowing than you need!

    Once you receive the loan proceeds, making timely monthly payments is essential to avoid penalties or fees. You can set up automatic payments with most lenders to withdraw the money from your bank account on your chosen date.


    Apply For A Title Loan In San Jose With Premier Title Loans

    Apply with Premier Title Loans online or call 800-250-6279 for a loan based on your car’s equity, not your credit score! We’ll review your application details and answer and get you a pre-approval quote in less than 30 minutes!


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