We offer car title loans in Fresno with funding up to 20k. Bad credit is no problem!


Are you a Fresno resident that's looking to borrow cash for a financial emergency? Premier Title Loans offer same day approval for a car title loan of $2,500 or more and you don't need good credit to qualify.!

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    Same Day Title Loans In Fresno CA With Premier Title Loans

    When dealing with financial emergencies, we have you covered if you want to cash out your vehicle equity in Fresno. Did you know Premier Title Loans provides guaranteed approval for borrowers pre-qualifying with a paid off car title? You don’t need a good credit history, and many people can qualify for same day cash funding of up to $20,000.

    Our staff is trained to help you get underwritten fast, so you can get cash for whatever expense you have. Get approved for title loans in Fresno using a paid-off vehicle. Any car, SUV, motorcycle, or semi truck can serve as collateral and you can borrow up to 70% of the vehicle’s value.


    To get started, you’ll need these items for a car title loan in Fresno:

    Your car title – the pink slip must be in your name and paid off with no other liens.
    A government-issued ID – (passport, state license, etc.).
    Proof of income – recent payment stub or bank account details to verify monthly income of at least $2,500.
    Proof of residency – utility bill or mortgage statement showing you live in CA.
    Proof of vehicle insurance – your car needs comprehensive insurance; sometimes, you need an umbrella insurance policy.

    Once we receive all these documents, we can begin underwriting your application. We may also require a vehicle inspection, which often takes less than 30 minutes. We’ll need to view the vehicle’s exterior, ensure it runs, and check the odometer and ensure the vehicle has an up to date smog certificate in CA. The best part of a vehicle inspection is that once you’re done, you’re well on your way to getting your cash. All you need to do is sign the lending agreement and choose how to pick up the loan proceeds!


    We Are Different From Other Title Loan Companies

    Premier Title Loans differs from other equity lenders because we offer multiple financing options. Applying with a local direct lender will lock you into one rate and repayment term. However, with Premier Title Loans, we’ll work to get your loan approved but connect you with 3 to 4 direct lenders in Fresno if we can’t help you directly. Each company will offer different interest rates, and you can choose the best loan based on your requested repayment terms. Not only that, but we know what it takes to get approved for an online title loan. Before we match you with a lender, we’ll let you know exactly which documents you need and the steps to get approved for a collateral loan.


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    Car Title Loans  In Fresno For Bad Credit

    Bad credit? No problem! At Premier Title Loans, we don’t base our lending decisions on your credit score; it doesn’t matter if you missed a payment over the past few months. If you have a paid off car title in your name, you can pre-qualify for a same day cash loan. Don’t let other companies offering title loans in CA tell you you don’t qualify because of poor credit. Your FICO score is far down the list of underwriting requirements for a title loan in Fresno of $2,500 or more! Get the facts and see how much cash you could be eligible to receive even with a poor credit history!

    There are a few instances where secured loans with bad credit can be an issue, and we’ll let you know from the outset if that’s the case. For example, someone actively dealing with bankruptcy proceedings may have difficulty qualifying. Similarly, anyone who’s recently had a vehicle repossessed from another company in Fresno will have trouble being approved for financing.


    Can I Apply With Local Lenders In Fresno – What Are The Benefits

    Yes, you can apply with a local lender, and there are some benefits of working with a direct lender anywhere in Fresno County. One advantage is getting cash in hours with a local direct finance company. While it’s great to apply online and complete everything quickly, there’s no getting around that some people would instead conduct business face to face.

    Another benefit of working with a local company in Fresno is that they’re often more knowledgeable about the specific requirements and regulations that matter to you. At Premier Title Loans, we’ve offered title loans in California for nearly ten years, and we know we can get your application across the finish line in the quickest amount of time!

    Whichever firm you work with, ensure they follow all federal and state lending restrictions and check up on their online reviews and customer feedback!


    Car Title LoansIn Fresno – Apply Now With Premier Title Loans

    Get started by filling out the Premier Title Loans online application or call 800-250-6279! It will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and you should receive a follow-up call during regular business hours to finish the underwriting process. Anyone in Fresno who owns a vehicle can qualify, so call us today!


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