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Premier Title Loans offers online title loans in Victorville and you can get same day funding of up to $20,000. Bad credit is ok and keep driving your vehicle after approval!

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    Why Choose Premier For Title Loans In Victorville, CA

    Premier Title Loans is a great choice for anyone looking to borrow money with a credit score under 600. We offer flexible lending terms and affordable payment options for people in Victorville, CA, and loan amounts with a title loan starting at $2,500 for anyone with a vehicle valued at $6,000 or more. Apply online or call us at 800-250-6279 to see how much you can get with an online little loan. Our secured loans have fair rates and reasonable repayment terms, and we can get you qualified in less than 24 hours. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider Premier Title Loans:


    – Most newer vehicles that are paid off can qualify for a title loan! Premier Title Loans will get you the highest equity lending amount from your car, and there’s a good chance of approval for cars with less than 150,000 miles.

    – Fast 24 hour approval. Secured loans are outstanding if you need cash today. These title loans use the collateral in your vehicle as security for the loan. There’s no need to deal with mountains of paperwork when you can be approved primarily on the car’s equity!

    – Our lending offers have fair rates. Feel free to shop around with different title loan companies in Victorville to compare your loan’s APR and payoff terms. Premier Title Loans offers access to a decent interest rate and attractive payment amounts that fit your budget!

    Apply online to see how much you could qualify with an online Premier Title Loans loan. We’re here to help you get cash from your vehicle, and best of all, you can get everything completed right from your home. There’s no requirement to meet with any of our staff or lending agents during the underwriting process.


    Title Loan Lending Requirements In Victorville, CA

    There are only a few things you’ll need to provide us when you apply for an online title loan:

    – A clear car title in your name. The vehicle can be paid off or have a small loan balance remaining, but in either case the car’s title is used as collateral and needs to be lien free.

    – Proof of income. This can be a payment stub from an employer or a bank statement showing monthly income.

    Registration and insurance information. Any car or truck used as collateral must be registered with the DMV, have up-to-date tags, and have full insurance coverage.


    Highway 18 through Victorville and Apple Valley.


    Bad Credit Victorville Title Loans

    Have you recently been turned down by a lender in California because of your credit history? Well, Premier Title Loans can help you get cash regardless of your credit score!

    It is easier than you think to qualify for a Victorville title loan with a bad credit score. These loans are made for people who have poor credit, and it’s possible that your lender won’t even run a credit check. Instead of focusing on credit, they’ll look at the vehicle’s equity value when underwriting the loan, and customers with a FICO score of 600 or less should have no trouble getting approved.


    Title Loan Repayment Options

    Contact your lender if you’re behind on payments or worried about a loan default. Do whatever is necessary to avoid a default and vehicle repossession. That can include making extra monthly payments and asking your lender to renegotiate the loan payoff terms.

    Most lenders in Victorville offer title loan repayment terms of 8 – 36 months. However you choose to repay your online loan in CA, we recommend staying in contact with your lender to see if they can reduce the APR during any given month. Even a tiny interest rate adjustment can save you thousands throughout the lending term. Also, consider contacting other title loan companies to see if they can refinance or buy out your title loan with a new lower interest rate or more affordable repayment term.


    Apply For A Premier Title Loan In Victorville, California

    Premier Title Loans offers a 5 minute online application for customers in Victorville, CA. Qualify with just your car’s title and proof of income, and some local companies will offer cash that same day!

    Apply online with us or call 800-250-6279 to get a title loan today!


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