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Premier Title Loans is here to help in Fort Worth who's looking for a car title loan. We offer fast same day processing and you don't need a good credit score to qualify. Apply online to see how much equity you can pull out from your vehicle!

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    Get a secured auto title loan in Fort Worth, TX, without the hassle of a credit check or lengthy underwriting timeframe. Qualify for fast cash loans online even if you don’t have a typical checking account and can’t verify your income. Secured loans are now an option for someone who can’t otherwise qualify for personal unsecured loans. Premier Title Loans can process and underwrite your application in less than one business day. Find out more about how you can be eligible for instant loans!


    Are Car Title Loans Legal In Fort Worth & How They Work

    You’re eligible for online title loans if you’re a Fort Worth, Texas resident and need financial assistance. These loan offers allow qualified borrowers to use their truck, car, or motorcycle as collateral for the amount financed. This is not a vehicle pawn where you must give up the vehicle as collateral. A licensed lender will hold your pink slip as security for the funding amount, and you make monthly payments until the loan is paid off.

    Title loans are offered in TX for $200 to $15,000. These swings in loan amounts are mostly because your car’s value is used to determine the final lending amount. Low-value vehicles with high odometer readings will lead to funding amounts of less than $1,000. Cars that are newer with less mileage will mean higher loan amounts and some customers can qualify for over $10,000!


    Bad Credit Online Title Loans In Fort Worth, TX

    Using your car as collateral for a loan means less emphasis on your credit score when applying with Premier Title Loans! Instead, we look at your vehicle’s value to determine if you’re eligible. There’s little need for a credit check when the main underwriting requirement for your loan is equity in your car.

    Even with a bad credit score, you can get approved with a local lender in Forth Worth. We may still check your credit history for bankruptcies or repossessions, but it’s nothing like what you’d expect with an unsecured lender!

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    Cash With A Title Loan After The Vehicle Inspection

    Your lender typically requires a vehicle inspection before signing off on a loan. The inspection is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes to check the inside and outside of your car. A lending agent will meet you to inspect the vehicle and verify it runs without problems. They’ll check the odometer reading, take pictures of the car, and confirm the VIN.

    The 24 hour funding timeframe can be even quicker if you find a local lender in Fort Worth that offers instant funding, where they hand you the money in person. Complete all the paperwork and other requirements and get your cash immediately after signing the docs!


    Apply With Premier Title Loans In Fort Worth

    How you apply for a Premier Title Loan is entirely up to you! Many applicants will submit their information through our online form; others will call in and complete the underwriting over the phone.

    Other applicants may prefer to work with a direct lender in person. If this is the case, we can still help by reviewing your information and matching you with a local lender in Fort Worth. There are a handful of companies offering same day funding in the Stockyards and the Cultural District. Apply online with Premier Title Loans or call 800-250-6279 today to cash out your vehicle’s equity!


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