Borrow cash using your car’s equity as collateral for a loan!


Are you interested in getting an online title loan in Dallas, but not sure how much cash you can borrow? It turns out, these loans use your car's equity as security for the loan. That means you can borrow up to $25,000 in Texas and you don't need good credit!

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    What’s Needed For Car Title Loans In Dallas

    A title loan offered by Premier Title Loans allows Dallas, TX, residents to get cash when needed. Instead of relying on a personal loan or bank loan that requires good credit, you can now apply for car title loans that allow you to tap into your vehicle equity and use that as collateral for the loan amount. You don’t need a good credit score, and a qualified borrower can get up to $20k within 24 hours or less from a Dallas title loan company.

    The car’s title or pink slip is the mandatory request you can expect from any direct lender in Dallas. This document indicates that you are the licensed owner and will sign the physical copy to the lender as security. The lender will use the title as collateral for the loan amount.

    Other than the few documents mentioned above, there’s not much else you need for title loans in Dallas. These loans are designed to be quickly approved, and the underwriter wants to see that you own a car with enough value to justify the amount borrowed.


    How Can I Apply For Online Title Loans In Dallas

    Premier Title Loans offers fast approval online, or you can call us at 800-250-6279 to apply over the phone. Dallas County is a vast area; dozens of finance companies accept applications in person and that means you can be approved in hours with cash sent straight to your bank account through direct deposit that same day! Don’t hesitate to meet with a local lender in Oaklawn or Downtown Dallas if you’d rather work with a neighborhood company.


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    Dallas Title Loans With A Poor Credit Score

    You can be approved for a bad credit title loan in Dallas, TX; many lenders won’t even run a standard credit check. Instead, they will want to review your employment history, monthly income, and car value to ensure you can afford the loan payments. This is why auto title loans from Premier are an excellent solution for those who need cash quickly but may have suffered from credit problems.


    Benefits Of Auto Title Loans In Dallas

    -You can get up to $20,000 cash within one day of applying online

    -No credit check is required in most cases with a typical title loan in Dallas

    -Keep driving your car while you pay off the loan. Instead of using a vehicle’s keys as collateral, a lender will use your pink slip as the security.

    -Get approved even if you have poor credit or no recent credit history

    -Many lenders offer same day funding with no pre-payment penalties for early payoff


    How Much Money For A Car’s Title In Dallas, TX

    This answer depends on the make and model of your vehicle. We typically see title loan amounts for consumers in Dallas average around $3,000. They can be much higher or lower based on your car’s current value.

    A newer car or SUV will have more value than an older sedan, so the amount you can borrow will be relative to the market value of your vehicle. Online title loans for a big rig or a title loan on an RV will result in loan amounts likely over $5,000. Conversely, a motorcycle or low value vehicle with over 150k miles will probably lead to a low loan amount. Some title loan companies in Dallas will still offer title loans of $500 to $1,000, but approval depends on the resale value and underwriting conditions.


    What If I Still Have Questions About Title Loans In Dallas, Texas

    No problem! Speaking with a customer service agent from Premier Title Loans is the best way to learn about our lending offers. Reach out to us with your questions online or call us anytime at 800-250-6279! We can process your online application in minutes and get you a quick no obligation quote within an hour. After that, we’ll underwrite your loan documents with just a vehicle inspection before you’re approved for a Dallas title loan. After approval, you have a chance to get cash sent by direct deposit within one business day!


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