You can now apply and qualify for a fast approval title loan in Amarillo in less than one business day! Car title loans can be a viable option for someone with little to no credit history, as all you need is a paid off car with equity. This equity is used as collateral to justify the final loan amount. You can borrow up to 55% of the car’s resale value in Texas!


How To Apply For No Hassle Car Title Loans In Amarillo

You have a few options available to you when it comes to getting fast cash online title loans from a direct lender. Many people choose to apply entirely online. They can do everything from the comfort of their home and finish the loan underwriting and processing within a few hours. However, some applicants prefer to apply directly with a local lender in Amarillo, TX.

When you compare financing options online, you can quickly see how much money you can get and the terms of multiple title loan companies. We suggest getting quotes from a few direct lenders to ensure you get the best possible deal. By comparing additional quotes, you can save a significant amount on the monthly payment or total loan payoff. In addition, a reduction of interest rates of even a few digits can save you over the life of the loan!


Minimum Requirements For Car Title Loans In Amarillo, TX

The title loan process is pretty simple, and there are few requirements to qualify. You have to be the vehicle’s sole owner, and the car needs to be paid off in full with no liens or active loans. You will likely have to present the vehicle for an inspection, and the car must be worth at least $1,000 to qualify. Plan to show additional documents to verify your current insurance policy and active vehicle registration. The car will need updated tags and be in good working condition. If you do not meet these qualifications, you may not qualify.

Additional requirements may include current employment information, such as where you’re working and how much your monthly take-home pay is. This is important as the lender needs to ensure you make enough money each month and can afford the minimum required payments. Other loan providers in Amarillo and throughout Potter County may ask for additional pictures or video verification of your car to show it’s as described and in good working condition.


Pawn a car or truck in Downtown Amarillo, TX.


Auto Title Loan Offers In Amarillo For Customers With Bad Credit

People often ask what the credit requirements are for a title pawn. The good news is that you don’t need much to pass the minimal requirements regarding your credit. Finance lenders know that online title loans are often the only option for people with bad credit or no past or recent credit history. So they are willing to work with anyone who owns their car outright while looking to cash out equity. Many title lending customers in Texas have used secured loans to improve their credit scores by paying off the loan on time each month!

If you’ve been turned down for a personal loan or other financing options due to your credit, you may want to consider using your vehicle’s equity s collateral. These fast cash title loans can give you the money you need without affecting your credit score!


Same Day Cash Funding With Amarillo Title Loans

Yes, that’s often not a problem to get money in less than a few hours after applying! Car title loans in Amarillo can often be funded on the same day you apply. The process is simple and can be done 100% online without ever having to leave your home. Some applicants prefer to visit a local title loan office in TX to complete their application, but this isn’t necessary as you should be able to apply entirely online.

If you are approved for a title loan online, you will need to sign the contract and provide additional documents to verify your identity and ownership of the vehicle. After approval, the funds will be deposited into your bank’s checking on the same day! It may take longer if you apply overnight or on a Sunday, but the transfer time is generally not long! It’s that easy to get fast cash from any lending place near you in TX.


Can I Keep Driving My Vehicle When I Get An Instant Car Title Loan

You can keep driving your car when you get online car title loans in Amarillo! As long as you make your payments on time each month, you can keep driving your car while you repay the loan. If you’re worried about losing your car or are unable to make the payments, you may want to consider an unsecured personal loan instead. These loans do not require collateral and can often be easier to qualify for if you have bad credit. However, they also tend to have much higher interest rates than auto equity loans.

For those who live in Amarillo and know a title loan is right for them, we invite you to get started with our online application. There are multiple loan places throughout the city, and you should take the time to find the best company. Premier Title Loans can process your application quickly, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have along the way. Contact us at 800-259-6279 or get going with our online application form to see how much cash you can get for your vehicle!


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