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Are you interested in getting an online car title loan in Austin, but unsure how a secured loan works? Premier Title Loans has worked with customers in TX for years, and we know what you need to get approved and funded. Apply today!

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    How Title Loans Work In Austin

    Car title loans have been available in Austin for nearly a decade through Premier Title Loans. With a title loan, your car acts as collateral, and you can use that equity as security for a loan. You won’t need a good credit history, and you can borrow upwards of $20,000 if your vehicle has significant value!

    You will give the car’s title to the lender to get a car title loan. There’s no need to provide them with the actual car or truck, as the pink slip is all they need for security! The best part is that they come with fast processing and funding! Get approved and pick up your money from a neighborhood lender in a few hours!


    Loan Amounts With A Title Loan In Austin

    Funding amounts vary with lenders in Austin, but the average funding amount will be around $3,000, with the opportunity to get upwards of $20,000 for a vehicle with low miles and a high valuation!

    It’s essential to compare offers from different finance lenders with varying interest rates and terms! After finding the right lender, you’ll complete an application and send them over some documents – like a copy of your car title and proof of income. The next step is the underwriting and vehicle inspection. An agent will meet with you to inspect your car and confirm its value. If everything looks good, you can get cash straight to your bank account or pick it up from any title lending office in Texas!


    Requirements For Car Title Loans In Austin, TX

    The requirements for an Austin title loan are pretty simple – you need to own a vehicle! There are no standard credit checks or employment verification requirements like other types of short term loans.  Some companies may ask for additional references or information on your credit history, but that’s not standard with every lender. It would help if you also gathered your vehicle registration info and insurance documents beforehand in case they’re required.

    After approval, you must hand over the car title to your lender. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep driving the vehicle, though! Your equity is the collateral for a secured loan, not the car. Be proactive and contact your equity lender if you face a loan default! The lender can repossess your vehicle if you miss monthly payments. So, make sure you’re able to make your payments on time!

    Some protections are offered in Austin and Travis County if your car is repossessed. These protections cover your time until the vehicle is sent to auction and the fees that can be charged to get your car back. But, if enough time elapses, you can lose the vehicle, so you must be proactive and negotiate a repayment plan with your lender.


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     Benefits Of Online Title Loans In Austin

    There can be many benefits to getting an online car title loan! They’re incredibly convenient and easy to qualify for with just your paid off vehicle. Get approved for a loan in just a few hours and receive the cash you need – often on the same day! They’re also great if you have bad credit or no credit history. Since your car is the collateral, lenders aren’t as concerned with your credit score when approving you for a loan.

    Online title loans can be cheaper than payday loans as the interest rates are lower, with no hidden fees or charges! Unlike an unsecured personal loan, an auto title loan has collateral backing it, and the financing company has something to fall back on.

    You will know the exact amount you must repay and when – making budgeting easy! And if you can repay the loan early, you won’t be charged any extra fees! That’s another great benefit of vehicle equity loans. Shop for the best quotes and financing terms for your vehicle value. There are dozens of local financing companies within Austin, and many of these firms will compete against each other to win your business!


    Bad Credit Title Loans In Austin, TX – What’s The Process

    Assuming you can meet the main requirements for an online title loan; a clean vehicle title and proof of income, a bad credit score won’t be a significant issue when you apply. This is one of the reasons these loans are so popular in Texas with individuals with poor credit scores. The loan is on the equity in your vehicle, not your creditworthiness.

    Get started by filling out the Premier Title Loans online application. One of our customer service agents will contact you after receiving the vehicle info to confirm a loan amount and payment terms. Once you agree on a quote, we’ll send an agent to complete the vehicle inspection and match you with a local finance company in Austin!


    Fast Processing And Convenient Terms For Car Title Loans From Premier Title Loans

    If you’re looking for a convenient and hassle free way to get instant cash funding in Austin, please apply with us online. Filling out your vehicle details and providing contact info takes less than 10 minutes. Next, we’ll contact you to review the application and let you know what funding amount and payment terms you can qualify for! Please apply online with Premier Title Loans or call us at 800-250-6279 for instant pre-approval!


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