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There's often no need to visit a local lending location or deal with a vehicle inspection when applying for a title loan in Lubbock. Premier Title Loans can get you processed and approved online with loan amounts ranging from $2,500 to $30,000 in Texas!

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    How Do Lubbock Title Loans Work And What’s Required

    Nobody can look into the future and see when they will face a financial crisis. But there’s likely a time when you need emergency funds to pay for something unexpected. Premier Title Loans is here for customers in Lubbock, TX, that face these exact issues, and we offer 24 cash for those who qualify for online title loans. How car title loans work is relatively straightforward. You first apply online or in person at a location near you in Lubbock. We then determine a loan amount and payment terms based on your vehicle information and available equity that will be used as collateral. Keep driving your car as the payments are made, and you’ll get the vehicle’s pink slip transferred back to you when the lending obligation is complete!

    You must meet some basic requirements to qualify for title loans online in Lubbock. First and foremost, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license. You must also own the vehicle used as collateral and provide proof as a lien free title. Finally, the car or truck must be titled in your name with no other cosigner or person who can claim ownership.

    Other requirements can include proof of income, residential verification, and a few extra documents to prove you can make the payments and adequately handle the loan. Lastly, there may be a need for 3 or 4 references from friends or family members. The process is fast and easy, so don’t worry if you’re not sure what’s needed – give us a call or drop by a local office in Lubbock, and you should be able to cash out some of your vehicle’s equity in less than one business day!


    Title Loan Benefits In Lubbock – Do They Outweigh The Risks

    Title loans offer an excellent opportunity to get some quick cash in Lubbock, TX, but there are risks and benefits associated with this type of loan. You can get approved quickly with far less paperwork and underwriting requirements than what’s typical with an unsecured personal loan. Another benefit is that you can continue driving your car while payments are made, and you’ll still be able to reclaim the vehicle’s pink slip when the loan balance is paid off. That’s right! There’s no need to hand over your keys to a title pawn company. Instead, your car’s title is what secures the loan!

    The downside is that title loans can have high interest rates, so you must ensure you’re fully aware of all fees before signing any contracts. The other risk involves losing your car if payments aren’t made on time, as a finance lender can repossess your vehicle after any missed payments!


    Apply online or with a local lending place in Lubbock.


    Premier Title Loans Near Me In Lubbock

    Do you want to apply online and get cash from a local company in Lubbock? If so, Premier Title Loans has you covered with our online application. All we need is some basic information about your vehicle make and mileage, and we’ll then connect you with a direct lender near you that’s licensed in Texas.

    The entire process, from start to finish, takes just a few hours, and you should be able to finish the vehicle inspection and get funded that same day you apply with us. There’s no obligation to apply with Premier Title Loans!


    Bad Credit Lending Options With An Auto Title Loan

    You can apply for an auto title loan online even if your credit isn’t perfect. The value of your car secures the loan, and in most cases, lenders don’t check to see your credit score – they only care about the condition of the vehicle you’re using as collateral.

    Anyone with good employment history and proof of income can be approved regardless of their credit score! So, if you need same day cash and have bad credit or no recent credit history, then a title loan might be a viable option for you in Lubbock. Remember to research before signing any contracts and ensure you understand all the fees associated with this loan.


    Loan Amounts & Interest Rates For Lubbock Title Loans

    The amount of money you can borrow with a title loan in Lubbock, TX, will depend on several factors, such as the lender you choose and the condition of your car. Generally speaking, the average amount for an online title loan is about 45% of the vehicle’s appraised value, which currently comes to around $3,000. Other fees associated with title loans in Texas vary by lender, so ask plenty of questions when shopping for a good deal!

    The interest rate depends on your customer profile and the terms you seek. For example, you want a title loan for $4,000. It doesn’t matter if you have poor credit or no payment history because the APR is often set according to your vehicle information and the loan terms. On average, the APR for a title loan in Lubbock is about 75%, but it could be lower or higher depending on your circumstances. Yes, those rates are very high, so you must compare quotes with at least three lenders in Lubbock County. The good thing is that dozens of storefront companies are spread throughout Hub City, and you can often use one quote to get a better deal.


    Conclusion On Online Car Title Loans In Lubbock With Premier Title Loans

    A title loan in Lubbock can provide quick access to emergency funds when needed most. But since these loans come with high rates and the potential risk of repossession in TX, research before signing any contracts! Consider all the associated costs, compare online loans in TX, and carefully read the terms to choose the best option for your financial needs. Premier Title Loans is here to help customers get cash fast – apply using our online form or call us at 800-250-6279 to get more information about our secured lending offers.


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